Corpus: Intelligence Files (Kushiko)

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Corpus: Intelligence Files (Kushiko)
Date of Cutscene: 07 April 2016
Location: Corpus Server Files
Synopsis: Analysis and compilation of Intelligence files obtained from Corpus systems, cross-referenced with the files obtained from a Grineer system and unified with additional information from the Lotus.
Cast of Characters: Kushiko, Kotone Yamakawa, 571

       --Excerpts from files from raided Corpus ships to be disseminated and distributed both officially and unofficially; additional holes filled courtesy of the Lotus-- 

The Corpus stand as the one major universal power besides the Grineer in the Origin System (OOC: Warframe universe), and are far more technologically advanced than the Grineer, but their tech is behind the Tenno, which Tenno technology (as the Corpus see it) is just a step under Orokin technology. To this end, they pursue the Tenno and their Warframe technology almost as much if not more than the Grineer, who see them as a tool for their empire.

They employ attrition methods, preferring almost exclusively ranged methods, supplementing their low direct manpower with proxies, the MOA walkers of a wide variety, and their Ospreys.

MOAs are bipedal turrets carrying either rapidly firing auto-lasers or high-power railguns. Rather than taking cover, which would be impractical given the in-line mounting of their weapons, these screeching killers will simply close the distance, continuously laying out a barrage of fire whilst letting their shields take the brunt of the beating. Fortunately, their personal defense shielding is relatively fragile, as is their physical frame.

Ospreys, on the other hand, are flying proxies that serve primarily as a support role. They can lay mines, or launch shield-draining leeches. They can even hover over groups of Corpus crew and MOAs, protecting them all with a layer of rapidly regenerating shielding that can double the effectiveness of Corpus shields.

The Corpus are one of the most prolific creators and sellers of weapons in the Origin System, selling an absolutely staggering amount of weaponry and munitions to /every/ faction in the universe; the Grineer, the Syndicates such as the Steel Meridian, but also the Perrin Sequence, the New Loka, the Arbiters of Hexis and more.

Whereas Tenno weapons trend towards the ritualized and symbolic and Grineer weapons are simple and industrial, the Corpus combine economy and market variety. Their weapons range from simple stun rods and energy assault rifles, to self defense weapons based on ancient designs and modern energy machine guns. The Corpus often design many exotic weapons to cater to a niche market or role: creative research and development teams have created miniature swarm missile launchers, chaining arc weapons, and even a portable laser cannon.

The Corpus manufacture many power tools and some of them, beam lasers or mining and blasting cutters, found their way into the Corpus arsenal, perhaps by their manufacturers, or perhaps by rebels and other factions. As a whole, Corpus weapons tend to be compact in appearance, with a proliferation of right angles, lamination, small components and a general disregard for the operator's ergonomics. This points to a design process that is largely, if not fully automated, putting the emphasis on making a weapon that is economic to create, and operates perfectly instead of comfortably.

Beyond this, there are names and important individuals for whom the activities are monitored almost rigorously; Alad V is among these, who originally served as head of Grineer Relations and reported directly to the Board of Directors. This position was antagonistic to not only the Grineer, but the Tenno, and he has a storied involvement including the dissection of Warframes and beyond.

There are also files on something called the 'Zanuka Project' which was related to this dangerous pursuit of his but exact details other than the use of scavenged and captured Warframes--and quite possibly their occupants--are left to a rather dark imagination. It's also said he's also obsessed with biological weaponry in such a way with regards to something only referred to as the 'Technocyte Virus'. The exact details of what he's done is not in these files, but whatever it is, it's /very/ major, and very dangerous.

Another important set of names are Darvo Bek and Frohd Bek; Darvo is considered an ally of the Tenno and former member of the Corpus, though such separation was not taken kindly, but the Tenno's protection and an unwillingness to directly antagonize the Tenno has led Frohd Beck, the Chairman on the Corpus Board of the Directors to not pursue the matter any further. Darvo is rumored to have set up shop at one of the Tenno Relay stations, but exact data is classified.

Besides these individuals, another name surfaces; that of Nef Anyo, a Corpus aristocrat at direct odds with Alad V over his methodology in a more direct way as opposed to Frohd's distaste. Known for his grandoise persona, Nef claims to be a prophet of the Void, though this can be seen as mere 'branding' by some, though it's hand in hand with the reverence given to Old War and Orokin technology, through which the Void contains both, as Nef Anyo may believe in the Void working through the Tenno at times. Ultimately, Nef Anyo is motivated by his greed, be it scamming the Origin System at large or removing any threat to his position in the Board.

The Void itself is not necessarily a place that one would actually want to /stay/, overlong. Void energy is not clearly defined, save for it exists in a subdimensional space as part of general FTL travel. Where the Tenno go and interact with, they leave an energy residue that while not harmful, is a highly malleable, chaotic element that might as well be a spiritual force as seen by the Corpus, the way it's referred to in part by at least the likes of Nef Anyo, and the general worship of the old Orokin Empire.

This sort of information is in line with information recovered from the Grineer in recent weeks. Some information may be out of date, but one thing may well be certain: one is only scratching the surface, and the considerable reams of data to be analyzed and understood does not yet paint the full picture.