Crisis Over (Fayt Ravus)

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Crisis Over (Fayt Ravus)
Date of Cutscene: 14 November 2015
Location: Castle Ravus
Synopsis: Fayt returns home from a tea party. The crisis with the devils is over, but aren't we forgetting something?
Thanks to: Alice Margatroid for letting me do this
Cast of Characters: 319
Tinyplot: Touhou Kakudai

Fayt sighed as he stood in one of the many hallways of his castle home, hefting a broom in his hands. He had returned from a somewhat odd tea party earlier, and had just now finished cleaning up the last of the damage from that demonic invasion of his home from awhile back.

It was over. that mess with those devils had come to an end, Well... mostly. A friend of his might have gotten him dragged into something, but that's a problem for later. Right now things we're quieting down and most importantly, he wouldn't need to worry about any more break-ins for awhile yet. Taking a moment to stretch, Fayt walked over to the broom closet, pulling open the door...

Inside, a girl unremarkable save for a pair of devil wings sprouting from her back, stared out at him, a look of clear confusion covering her face.

Fayt stared back at her blankly.

The devil stared back, frowning.

Fayt continued to stare.

The devil, now more than a tad unnerved by all the staring, attempted a cheerful smile. "Um, take it easy?" she offered.

Fayt slowly lifted the broom up, placing it in the closet next to her. "I'll think about that." was his reply, his voice sounding tired and worn out as he closed the closet once more.

"Um... Hello?" The girl called out. "Are you still out there? Can you help me? I've been here for about two months now. I'm kind of lost and I'd like to go home now, do you know where the exit is? Are you still there? Hello? Hello? Oh darn."