Defeat or Warning? (Shinki)

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Defeat or Warning? (Shinki)
Date of Cutscene: 28 September 2015
Location: Akumakami Castle
Synopsis: With Sara's defeat, she returns to warn Shinki and crew and prepare Louise for her foray.
Cast of Characters: 882
Tinyplot: Touhou Kakudai

Late Night - Akumakami Castle - Makai

Sara and her troupe of devils enter the room looking worse for wear. "We were pushed back.. It was supposed to be easy too. Did she neglect to say that he's a weird mage?!" comes a dissapointed voice from the gatekeeper but it is only met with silence. "What's next, a land of walking squids?"

Another voice pops up, a bit more cheerful, "It will be fine, Sara. She gave me a location to look out, maybe we can expand a bit there. Plus, did you go after the Humans again?"

"You always go after the humans, what about your job as the gatekeeper, you're not supposed to let people in here!" a pair of voices come before everything falls silent.

"They will find a way. She's the eyes for Her so be patient. She has another location for you, Louise. It's... stranger than Makai, I will give her that, take another troupe of twenty five this time... and see that you come back with good news. And Sara, shore up the gate."

Meanwhile, in the back of the room, a fanged smile is given by one figure and a faint smile that is leaning on the fanged one is showing, "We'll find a good place to expand, Mom."