Denial (Rhapsody)

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Denial (Rhapsody)
Date of Cutscene: 21 August 2016
Location: Ravnica
Synopsis: Rhapsody's reaction to Yunomi's betrayal
Cast of Characters: 325
Tinyplot: Moeru

( )

Did it all really happen?

When first waking in the aftermath of Presentation Day, the first thought that crossed Rhapsody's mind was a single question. It would be answered shortly after by the stabbing pain in her leg. A mark left by the naginata of someone that had attacked her. Not Yunomi, though. That was impossible. Right? The lair atop Thirix was empty save for herself and what had always been in the room. She had demanded time to think, time to figure out what all of that was. First, she had slept for far, far too long. Now, as she awoke, saw the reports, saw the state of the Izzet, of Ravnica, of everything, her frame slumped in the chair as her burning in her chest and eyes came back.

Before it all came again, before the waves of sadness, frustration, anger, and depression reared up to drag her back down into the sweet nothingness of sleep, something fell off of the desk she sat at. Reaching down, the guild master brought up to her vision a single, long, iron pin.


This didn't make sense. The pin they had found at the Namamura Shrine was of a very specific type. It was cold iron. The sort that spirits would be hurt by if they so much as touched it. This was something someone like Yunomi -could not use-. The burning in her chest vanished. This was it. The thing she forgot. The thing it felt like -everyone- was ignoring. She had found something everyone else either forgot or could not find.


Bolting from the seat, the dragon put on her trademark coat, took the spellblades to her sides, ignored the pain in her leg, and marched out the massive doors that had locked her away in the lair atop Thirix and went even -higher-.

Atop the spire, beside the sky-entrance, a communications tower had been constructed for various reasons. To keep in contact with the Union was one use, but this time Rhapsody had a different idea. She'd spend a few hours using the rudimentary skills that Ryxinel had shown her to make a tiny artifact. Upon it, she imprinted a thought. The hope that she had found. She would send out a signal. Atop the tower, the small artifact with a singular thought was placed. Attached to it was a netsuke charm that Rhapsody had received from Yunomi months earlier.

Hoping this would work, the Guildmaster slipped back down into the spire, then out to begin her research. She had people that she needed to talk to. Some she was scared of, some she was terrified of, but this story had only started. They would say she was in denial. She wouldn't care. She had found hope and she would wear it like a halo and prove everyone wrong.