Diane's Diary April 8th (Pius Athanor)

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Diane's Diary April 8th (Pius Athanor)
Date of Cutscene: 08 April 2015
Location: Danbur
Synopsis: Diane become hopeful when the Elites arrive and promise to help Pius.
Cast of Characters: 741
Tinyplot: The Great Work

April 8th

It seems my brother's prayers have been answered.

Today it seemed like the villagers were intent on having another talk with him, and they were ready to force their way into the house again. But this time his distress signal went through, and people from the other worlds arrived. A man and three women. When Pius mentioned people from other worlds I was not sure what to expect, but I can say it wasn't anything like them. They still seemed like nice people, and they did manage to calm the villagers down. And they also promised to help.

Perhaps it can truly be done. Even if they won't do much it will still help Pius focus, and perhaps he can resume his duties while still continuing his work. Maybe even get a good night sleep for once.

I do wonder if it can be done, but when he gets excited, so do I. Maybe I can go to the other worlds too if it can help him.