Diane's Diary June 2nd (Pius Athanor)

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Diane's Diary June 2nd (Pius Athanor)
Date of Cutscene: 02 June 2015
Location: Danbur
Synopsis: The topics of ethics and immortality weigh heavily on Diane's mind as she prepares to assist her brother for the final stages.
Cast of Characters: 741
Tinyplot: The Great Work

It took time, but we finally have all the reagents! It was a relief that getting the venom wasn't hard, I never thought monsters could be so cute. Maybe I can go back there again if we need more venom another time...

Yesterday while I was making supper I couldn't help but overhear Pius talk with Staren, and it worries me that they would even consider such a thing. Isn't it different what my brother is trying to do? Wouldn't machines be all different? Can an essence of a person be recreated at all? Hiei said we are doing something unnatural, but aren't we just using nature to help life? The essence is still not lost, which is what makes her her. Isn't what Staren doing unnatural compared to that? Nor will my brother make any miscalculations. Not when he's this meticulous. If there are any powers beyond what we know, would they really say no to this? I can't help but recall the tale the adventurers told us of Frankenstein's monster, and it disgusts me that they can even think this is the same.

When Pius tried to discuss what he and Staren talked about with me this morning I pretended to not hear it. He's already hurting enough, and this should be a joyous occasion, shouldn't it?

We have a few busy days ahead of us, but perhaps with assistance we can finish up this current stage within the next days! Since we have the venom now we can test the mineral and also transmute the basis for the organs. The reagents are potent, and I can easily procure the last materials later today. Maybe Rory can stop by too since she has been talking about this. Nor would I complain about company, as I have been left to work on my own the last weeks preparing the attic.

Pius says that if we are lucky, we can have it all done before the end of next week.

I really should tend to her grave today since Pius hasn't done so for weeks. Then again, he has been neglecting everything else for the sake of his work.