Downward Spiral (Rhapsody)

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Downward Spiral (Rhapsody)
Date of Cutscene: 24 August 2016
Location: Ravnica
Synopsis: Rhapsody's anger after the council vote of Ravnica had completed
Cast of Characters: 325
Tinyplot: Moeru

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The council chambers were left behind. If anger could power a city, the rage filling Rhapsody's mind would be able to replace Ravnica's power lines for the rest of the night, or so she felt for the moment. This Ijiwara could not be trusted and yet the Ravnican Guild Council voted to allow him to 'help' find Yunomi.


They wanted to lash out at 'outsiders' to the city and then were so happy to allow an 'outsider' hunt down the 'betrayer'. It was clear to the Guildmaster of the Izzet League that they needed to find Yunomi first. Her comms-crystal called out to the Union, to the Izzet League, and to any ally that would hear, to ask for help. In the midst of it all, however, a single voice crackled over the band.

It was just for a moment. It faded as quickly as it had arrived. She begged for the voice to return, but it didn't. When traces revealed that the transmission came from -within- the council chamber... it was too much.

As the massive doors to the lair atop Thirix closed, the crystal struck the door behind, shattering into pieces. For the second time in a week, the Guildmaster would find herself succumbing to her emotions until she fell asleep, this time in her true form and with no one around.