Early Morning Introspective (Gaonoir)

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Early Morning Introspective (Gaonoir)
Date of Cutscene: 22 February 2016
Location: Hikari Sea Port
Synopsis: Personal musing in the early hours.
Cast of Characters: Gaonoir

Hikari Sea Port was quiet in the early hours of the day, though there was almost never an entire lack of activity regardless of the time. The Admiral and several of her fleetmates were likely recovering and being repaired from last night's encounter with the 'Black Ship' monstrousity. Gaonoir on the other hand only needed some rest and some food for energy, so had optened to hang around again in case something came up. At least until the girls were 'ship shape' again.

Still, not being one to just carouse around in visible public, the shadow colored canid had taken to his usual rooftop perching, one leg dangling lazily over the edge of the building. The digimon gazed out at the water quietly, but his thoughts were anything but.

The Fleet was a different setting that he was used to. He had been along, just expecting an eventual fight, because Nagato had asked for his help investigating that strange fog that was blocking shipping routes. Yet, despite the Admiral's stoic nature, there was a sense of actual appreciation of his being there to help. Not to mention the bitchin' ride on the launch rail even if he didn't technically need the take-off assistance.

Sure, the Royal Knights had appreciated his work for them.... But it had always felt more... he was just a soldier, and that was that. Omegamon and Duffmon had some personal investiment in his training and activities, and Magnamon seemed to at least take some interest in the pecurliar bits of info he'd come up with. As is she was the only one that regularly communicated with him right now, checking in on his 'mission' was going and what odd things about humans he'd learned. Even she wasn't sure where Omegamon had run off to in pursuit of his two... interests.

The other Knights were... distant. Cold, calculating. Or just too gleeful about 'fighting evil' when it came to the likes of LordKnightmon. It wasn't until he had a different perspective to compare to that Gaonoir had started to realize that they had only cared that he was doing his work. That he was one of their master's 'personal projects'... and even that connection felt strained now. Yggdrassil had gone farther into reclusion, only speaking through Magnamon or his Angels and leaving his Digital World to the whims of the Knights guarding it. And after the Demon Wars they were only becoming more isolated, claiming he was here to ensure no potential threats get back to their world...but sometimes it felt like they were just trying to get rid of him somehow.

'What do you fight for.' The WMAT was months ago, yet the Admiral's words from their match still rolled around in his mind as his gaze shifted to the dawn sky above.

Right now, even he wasn't entirely sure of the answer to that....