Email to Arthur Lowell (Psyber)

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Email to Arthur Lowell (Psyber)
Date of Cutscene: 24 May 2014
Location: The Internet
Synopsis: Psyber emails Arthur Lowell about Father's Day
Cast of Characters: 253, Arthur Lowell

From: Psyber <> To: Arthur Lowell <> Subject: Don't Make This Awkward

Arthur. Look. Bro guy. I know some shit has changed since last June, so here's the deal.

Don't do anything in June. Don't be that guy. I don't care what weird deities told you, or that peer pressure exists. I already heard someone suggest it to you once. Just don't make this June hella way more awkward than it has to be.

Midway into the month, we'll exchange knowing headnods, maybe a fistbump, and move on with our year. Seriously, we'll avoid some hella social weirdness.

Best Regards, Psyber

PS: Seriously, don't do anything.