End of an Era (Tomoe)

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End of an Era (Tomoe)
Date of Cutscene: 21 December 2016
Location: Njorun Then Fayt's home.
Synopsis: Njorun is dying and Sheena Armstrong better known as Tomoe or Eisen to the multiverse is caught up in this event without the ability to call upon her Avatar. She escapes the madness only to find refugee at a Fayt's home and then someone ... tries to recruit her mere hours after the Union's fall.
Thanks to: Kirito and Fayt for letting themselves be mentioned!
Cast of Characters: Tomoe

Fear, terror, two very old companions of the woman behind both Eisen and Tomoe. Sheena's heart hammered in her chest as her and Kirito were making their way out. She'd only stopped long enough to grab a medical kit and some other items related to their full dive gear. Then she ran, using the terrain, as they went, left, right, up and down was going mad. She used anything in her way to get past as her body moved. This wasn't with the safety net of her avatar. Sheena's heart hammered in her chest s she moved, adrenalin kept her going as the panicked crowds attempted to escape.

"Kirito keep going we don't have long this entire place is coming apart. Reality is coming unglued."

Sheena kept moving but then she saw it a regular forces marine was trying to get a door open but it was glitched and she could hear people pounding and screaming on the other side. The problem was there was? The Marine had no way to reach it. There was no normal patch reality was breaking but Sheena paused she saw a way through and she broke off from Kirito as she moved. She shifted moving through twisting parts of wall, floor and who knows what else, acting on Instinct and reflex as she twisted through the chaotic morass broken reality. She hits the other side of the switch and yells.


The Marine pauses gives the woman a thumbs up and then starts helping the people on the other side flee. There's no time to do anything else on Sheena's end she turned back tracking the ever shifting paths, again she moves, almost seeing to fly. She grabs a piece of what was piping flips over a broken twisting area that might have been part of the floor, rebounds off a wall and makes a three point landing. She quickly rises, moving to sprint as fast as she can go after Kirito she had to get out of here and like hell she was going to get separated from someone who was family in everything but blood to her. She then understood the world was changing the base was going and there was nothing that could /save/ it.

Sheena impressively caught up with her friend and kept moving afterward, there was no time left, they had to go they had to catch up with her father before it was too late.

Some hours later at Fayt's home whom had taken her in she slumped over in a bed and it hit her as she manged to get a few comm channels working. The war? It was over the massive mind breaking war had ended and reality had broken down heavily and the universe had changed. There was no more Union, there was no more confederacy she hugged the pilot for lack of better thing and found she had call. She didn't know the number but she answered it pulling the phone up to her head.

"Miss Armstrong I was hoping to speak to you..."

"I don't know you, who are you? How did you get my number?"

"I am with an organization that would be ...."

"Wait are you some kind of jackal?!"

"Pardon me Miss Armstrong?"

"Ya, a jackal picking off the corpses that are not even cold. I do not care, who you are, who you are working for or what you are /offering/ me. You smell just like those jackasses from the laughing Coffin. IF I catch you nosing about again? You have also violated my privacy as well."

"Miss Armstrong I have not broken any laws I wished to make you an offer so you can..."

Sheena cut the man off.

"Good day, go find your carrion elsewhere."

Sheena hung up the phone and turned it off slumping into her bed. She hugged her knees to her chest, she had no idea who it was she didn't care. She didn't know where everyone was, who was alive or dead. All that person could think was? She was some kind of Elite that they could use for whatever they wanted. She had had a debt to the Union and even oddly the Feds who had helped end the death game. Yet now? She couldn't do much more than sob the stress physical and emotional was just too much for her.

On the other end of the line the Paladin Recruiter grimaces at the terminated call. He looked to his partner for a moment "We have other to contact if we're ever to get miss Armstrong? We'll have to give her time."

"You should have looked at her psyche profile more clearly."

"Should we write her off?"

"No give her time we were in error and I suggest we use another agent to contact her the next time."

"Are you sure? She's a publicly known elite who will likely be drowning in job offers..."

"If we force her she'll likely go running to the Concord."

It was fit full sleep full of nightmares that only one whose been on the other side of the divide when it comes to elites. She couldn't connect, she could be facing having no power to effect the world any longer. She dragged her self out of bed to the near by shower in the guest room Fayt had given her for the night. She took a hot shower and cleaned her self up. She thought within the shower. The war was over, her debt to the Union was paid, if she was not without powers? Then she still had her sword to cut her path in this world and she wasn't alone, maybe it wasn't over just yet? She finished off the shower, finished cleaning up changed clothing and went to try and find a jack, things were not over for her, and her friend. No they may have just had a lot open up for them all.