Enhancement (Abyssal Operation Hydra)

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Enhancement (Abyssal Operation Hydra)
Date of Cutscene: 08 July 2017
Location: Dark Sky Atoll
Synopsis: The Destroyer and Heavy Cruiser Water Demons report their latest, modest success
Cast of Characters: Midway
Tinyplot: Abyssal Operation Hydra

"...After all of that we managed three full loads. Two transports filled to capacity and two interrupted around halfway," Though nothing but a silhouette due to shadows, the height and glowing violet eyes betrays Destroyer Water Demon delivering the report. Beside her, arms folded behind her back, is the Heavy Cruiser Water Demon.

Before them is a slender, crimson-eyed figure, resting her elbow in one hand, the other placed along her cheek. Those red eyes are narrow, thoughtful and yet menacing. Piercing.

"You were incapable of defeating a single human," she repeats a statement from earlier in the speech.

"N-no," Destroyer stiffens, "An empowered guardian..! And she had two--"

Destroyer doesn't get to finish, as the figure reaches out and collects the smaller girl by her throat. Heedless of the choked off sound, the red-eyed Princess lifts her effortlessly. "Your value to me is directly related to your ability to carry out the missions assigned to you." Those crimson eyes narrow, "If you are so incapable as to fail your objective due to the interference of a simple human, then I have no use for you."

Unable to speak, Destroyer grapples with her leader instead, clawing at the woman's forearm with her gauntlets. When that fails, she resorts to beating on the arm and elbow, to no effect.

"We fulfilled the objective!" Heavy Cruiser insists. Her tails unfurl from her back, jaws snapping, crimson rage touching the violet glow in her eyes, "Put her down, we did what you asked us to do!"

"You insist," those red eyes slide sidelong, regarding the taller of the two, "That this destroyer is still of use?" The gaze returns to the weakening girl in her grip, appraising the struggle still put against her. After a moment, she lowers Destroyer but does not let go. Rather, she steps past the taller Water Demon, dragging the smaller behind her, "Perhaps some enhancements are in order."

Destroyer lets out a choked noise as she's drawn into the shadows of Dark Sky Atoll's corridors, reaching out before disappearing into the darkness.

Left alone in the conference room, Heavy Cruiser Water Demon stares after them for several long, empty moments. What finally prompts a response is the distant, resounding noise of a hammer striking metal. The sound causes her to flinch, and as it continues, she lifts her hands to look over the armored plates riveted into her wrists. The pounding continues, joined by a distant wail, and the girl suppresses a shiver by wrapping her arms around herself.