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Fate/Maelstrom (Plotsys ID: 11)
The Sixth Grail War of Sir Gawain's world has begun, the Chicago Grail War of 1987! With 14 Servants and Masters, a new twist compared to the last war, Gawain is bringing in allies to attempt to win the Grail...but can it really be that easy?
Base Info
TP Scale: Major
TP Runner(s): Sir Gawain
Attached Theme: Fate/Maelstrom-1
Other Contacts: None
Target Audience: Fate/ cast, Union, Dun Realtaites, Knights of the Round Table
Genre & Tone: Urban Fantasy Dark Comedy

Events So Far

Sir Gawain made a pact with Psyber after his previous Master had been killed by Hiroto Matou and his Servant, Rider of Gold. Not long after, his war begun, and he was approached by an interesting teenager named Mikhail Alkaev, and his Servant, Caster of White. Caster of White later was revealed as Nikola Tesla, and the two Servants made an alliance.

After Psyber passed his Command Seals onto Jude Mathis as a play, an ambush was staged against Rider of Gold. Whilst Rider of Gold escaped, his identity was revealed as Huangdi, the Yellow Emperor.

That night, Archer of White and his Master were killed, by an unknown Berserker and his Master, who called himself the Reaper.

A bit later, Sir Gawain, Psyber, and several allies went to assist Caster of White and Mikhail with construction of Wardenclyffe Tower, when they were ambushed by 'Reaper' and his Servant, Berserker of White, whose true identity was quickly revealed to be Beowulf. Berserker of White was killed, whilst Reaper's hands were cut off, ending his reign as a Master. He hinted that people would be after him, and was taken into Union custody as a prisoner of war.

Other Information

I will be doing extensive supplemental work for the plot. Once the Drive file is set up, it will be posted here, with logs, character bios, etc available for browsing.


Title Date Scene Summary
The Mean Streets of Chicago October 19th, 2014 Four allies meet with two strangers of the Holy Grail War in Chicago.
The Man Who Invented the Twentieth Century October 22nd, 2014 The mysterious Mikhail and his unknown Servant meet with the allies in Dún Reáltaí.
Clandestine Meetings October 23rd, 2014 Psyber, Jude Mathis and Gawain meet to try a daring strategy.
Maelstrom: The Art of War November 6th, 2014 Sir Gawain and his allies attempt to ambush Rider of Gold and his Master Hiroto Matou...but things don't go as planned.
Maelstrom: Tower of Babel November 17th, 2014 Sir Gawain and a few allies go to help with what seems to be just a day off doing construction for Caster of White's Wardenclyffe Tower, when Berserker of White and his Master make an unexpected visit.
Maelstrom: Abbadon November 23rd, 2014 After Reaper's recovery, Sir Gawain, Riva Banari, Maya, Shirou Emiya, and Psyber interrogate him about what he knows of the Grail War, and about who he is.
Maelstrom: Upon A Black Horse January 22nd, 2015 The Master of Charlemagne invites Sir Gawain and his allies for tea. And then, SUDDENLY BUS DRIVING SERVANT.


Title Date Scene Summary
(Do Fear) The Reaper (Sir Gawain) November 7th, 2014 A Servant and his Master are eliminated from the Grail War.