Fighting Fate (Metal Man)

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Fighting Fate (Metal Man)
Date of Cutscene: 08 December 2018
Location: Skull Castle
Synopsis: The Federation of Metal Man's home world makes a strike they have planned out for some time. The Wily Army Fights but loses due to pure weight of numbers and high powered jamming preventing them from calling for help.
Cast of Characters: 11

BGM Megaman Zero 4 - Falling Down

The Federation's Military was pressing like he'd never seen it before and he knew how grim the situation was. They had massed so many mechanics and Robot Masters of their own and assaulted Skull Castle, the comms were being jammed with a powerful type of jamming he'd never seen before. 
Was this the doomsday he knew was coming all along? He'd seen the future so many times, no matter what they were? The Wily Army failed, they failed they fell. Exterminated to the last so far as he could tell save one, they would not get one he knew that much. That last little scrap had him keep fighting. 
The battle raged on as not a single Wily Number would give an inch here. They knew the price of falling or being captured. Termination or worse. He did not have the free will of the Reploids, humanoids or carbons who might be yet to come, yet he hung to the choices he made not made by his directives and limiters he held on to those. 
He had known of one world with a bright future even for his counterpart he had ad good life, and he wondered would he be like that bother him if he'd been born into a world like that? 
More mechanoids came Crash Man had nearly expended all his stockpile of munitions and was fighting 

hand to hand at this point, Wood Man and Heat Man were attempting to crowd control but there were too many of the Federation Forces, it also came by drone sending word directly that Doctor Wily had been captured.

"They have the Doc!" Crash Man yelled over the Din. "They have Dad?!" cried Wood Man as he protected a damaged Heat Man. 
"They got the Doc?! " 
Came Heat Man's distorted voice, due to the damage he had taken. 
Metal Man grimace his family was falling all around him and that fate the nightmares he'd had of piles of corpses was coming. He carved another mechanoid in two sending it's flying away. 
"Crash Man, Wood Man, Heat Man? Go link up with Bubble Man at the port take an escape craft and go to the evac point hit the gates and keep jumping, tracking your course get anyone else out you can. Some of us have to get away or there's no hope to free the Doctor! He fights alongside us is willing to die for the future he wants for us! GO!" 
"Do it brother, go. Do not let it end here." 
Crash Man relented and started to move looking back at him for a moment. 
To hell with fate, to hell with whatever decreed this fate? He would make the choice he could, to save some of them. Shadow Man and Quick Man would be able to make it out. 
"Get out of here..." 
That other Metal Man he knew of? There was one thing he did know that even in a world like that they would have a reason to fight. He would be a warrior still. With that thought, his watches his brothers start to pull back as Crash Man fires the last of his bombs to give them cover. He tracked his bothers on his HUD they were making it good. 
"Come face your better you mass produced trash." 
Metal Man then dived into the enemy ranks not holding back at all giving everything he could milk out of his systems. The fight went on for some time, until he was finally overwhelmed He would fight and when he finally was overwhelmed his last thought was? There was still hope it might not be preordained after all. The last thing he was aware of was the alert system lock had been engaged to preserve his higher functions.