Flying Admiral, Watchful Eye (Mairead Sandilands)

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Flying Admiral, Watchful Eye (Mairead Sandilands)
Date of Cutscene: 02 July 2016
Location: Arena 2, IS Academy, Academy Island, Japan
Synopsis: Mairead speaks with Yamada Maya about Admiral Nagato and the possible idea for a future IS Rep.
Cast of Characters: Mairead Sandilands

As the training session had ended, Mairead was changing as she thought about the day's training session with Nagato and how she probably felt. As she was exiting the bath, she dried her hair as she walked to her locker and stopped as she saw Yamada Maya standing in front of her. Jumping, she dropped the towel and was standing completely nude in front of her, "Yamada-sensei..." she says as she grabs the towel and wraps it around her.

"Sorry Mairead, but I want to talk about Nagato," Yamada says to her.

Blinking, Mairead looks as she walks to her locker and finishes drying off, "Couldn't it have waited till after I was dressed?" Mairead asks as she begins to put her IS Suit back on.

"No, but we need more information on Nagato," she states. "IT seems that there are some unique info on her that we cannot figure out what is causing it," Yamada says.

Grinning, MAiread looks, "She was a battleship," she states as she finishes getting dressed and begins to put on her Academy Uniform. "She was a battleship that was destroyed and than became a spirit of that battleship if I understand it correctly," she adds as she sits down and pulls on the skirt of her uniform.

Yamada-sensei blinks, "A.. batt..battleship? you mean an actual ship?"

"Aye, I think she was the Battleship Nagato, but I am not sure. I know she can carry similar weapons to a battleship. Although I am not really too familiar aobut Japanese military history," she says as she stands and pulls her skirt up and adjusts it. Yamada looks and stands there dumbfounded as Mairead continues, "Its odd and hard to understand, but she is able to do similar to what we do with IS'. I honestly think she is a good choice as a first year at the IS, as an IS Representative Candidate of the Union," she mentions. "Although the others from the Union could be IS Representative Cadets," she adds as she looks. "Also I think she will need a personal IS, but that might be hard...." Mairead says as she taps her chin.

Yamada thinks as she listens, "So... so she was a ship, and actual ship...." and she sits down as she looks at the notepad, "Makes sense on the readings....." and than she looks up at Mairead as she talks, "IS Representative Candidate....Personal IS...." and she thinks. "I will have to talk with Chifuyu to see about this and on the personal IS.... might have to modify a mass produced IS..."

Mairead looks, "I think that might be good, cause it would allow students of the IS to interact with others to see how they area, and I know a few would be interested in seeing Hikari Sea Port....Maybe send some of the maintenance club to get info, plus isn't Kanzashi-chan working on her own IS using a mass produced model?" and Yamada thinks...

"Yea, could ask her to help on some design ideas. But with Nagato being a battleship or a former battle ship, there maybe some difficulties in this and the time to do it...."

Mairead thinks, "I will offer info on Emerald Lady as she is based off of the Rafale. Plus I can help by learning stuff from the maintenance club... It would never hurt right?" she states as Yamada looks and blinks.

"I think you just said you were going to join the maintenance club."

Thinking, Mairead looks, "I think ye are right," and she finishes dressing, as she closes her locker. "I'm gonna go watch Nagato some before helping her out of the IS and talking with her on some of the aspects that she will need to know." and Yamada nods as she exits and Mairead thinks as she looks, "I think that this is gonna be an interesting agreement between Hikari and the IS Academy...." and she heads to the arena to watch....