Flying North (Revan)

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Flying North (Revan)
Date of Cutscene: 19 April 2015
Location: The Ebon Hawk
Synopsis: Having deliberately avoided the warpgates in her search, Revan returns to the multiverse, having decided to throw her lot in with the Union.
Cast of Characters: 414

Lowri Shan, the Jedi Knight known more broadly throughout the galaxy as Revan, tapped a finger idly on the console as she held up a datapad, reading the information relayed to it. After the galaxy had apparently become a part of the "multiverse," she had come across all manner of odd things, including a Jedi attached to some generally-altruistic organisation called the "Union" which might possibly have some potential answers. Sure, why not? All her current leads were duds, and it was as good a place as any to hunt for wandering Sith while lending a helping hand.

And who knew? She had found that oft-times, in helping others, she helped herself. That is...if one could even call what she was doing 'helping herself'. Her entire raison d'etre for even being out in the dead of space on a battered, thoroughly-used, and allegedly cursed former smuggling freighter in the first place -- instead of home in a warm bed on Telos -- was for the sake of saving the galaxy.

The galaxy I know, she corrected herself. Not that there was anything wrong with wanting to save the larger multiverse, of course...but the Prodigal Jedi Knight already had her metaphorical hands full. She doubted what remained of the Sith were going to idly sit back and accept the collapse of their Order, and that was only counting the one she and Malak had formed; a successor to whatever it was which evaded her memory, frustratingly so.

Revan sighed, frowning. Every single lead had turned out to be a dead end, and perhaps if the galaxy she knew hadn't Unified, she would have found something by now. That was not a comforting thought by any means; the possibility that the hidden Sith Empire she hunted had similarly discovered that their universe was suddenly, infinitely larger and set out into the multiverse as she had. Or would have, had she not had those priorities of saving her version of the galaxy first. The former Dark Lord paced with a subtle but un-Jedi-like agitation -- not that she had been particularly good at blindly following the tenets of either Order -- that it was impossible to know whether she was putting the hoverwagon before the bantha. Had she been wasting her time avoiding the warpgates and searching the Unknown Regions of her native universe?

Of course, the larger problem was that if the Sith had indeed found warpgates and conquered planets beyond their galaxy, there was no way to know. Perhaps she would have heard something over the broadband -- a quaint but useful little network, that -- in the event of such a conquest, but it was just as likely that whatever world they had subjugated lay beyond the knowledge of any of the various factions operating in the multiverse. Those she had made contact with hinted that there remained even more uncharted space in the greater over-verse. Not terribly surprising and actually rather expected, but no less frustrating for her efforts.

Leaning back into the chair, the platinum-haired Guardian dropped the datapad onto the console, her mismatched eyes gazing out of the viewport. Yet, that gaze was inward rather than seeing the stars beyond. Just where was the Force guiding her? Even in meditation, its voice was oddly silent regarding the matter.

With a sigh, she keyed in their next route, leading the Ebon Hawk through the nearest warpgate into Union space. She would simply have to trust that the Force would lead her where it was she needed to go; all she could really do for now was to keep flying into whatever it was that awaited.