Forbidden Knowledge (Elliana Fairchild)

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Forbidden Knowledge (Elliana Fairchild)
Date of Cutscene: 25 January 2014
Location: Starshine Kingdom, Terra Majora
Synopsis: A mysterious figure delves into lore best left forgotten in Elliana's world.
Cast of Characters: 92
Tinyplot: New Blood


The quiet noise of the quill pen scratching over the rough paper, combined with the faint breathing of the sleeping form nearby him, is all the scribe can hear. Eyelids heavy with fatigue, yet his mind still sharp, he continues to work in a slow and deliberate manner... words flowing easily from his hand, mind struggling with the ancient language before him and translating it with difficulty. Such is his focus that he barely even realizes what he is writing on the whole, not until the next paragraph is finished.

The ink is still blotting when it hits him. The weight and impact of the words he had written finally sinks in, and the man's trembling hand tells just what he thinks of the statement. The trembling only stops when he snatches up the parchment, rolling it swiftly with a slight rustling and hurrying toward the crackling embers of the fireplace. It has to be burnt. This is not a simple historical scroll. This-

"Going somewhere?"

The scribe freezes, a cold sweat breaking out on his forehead. "Ah... my Lord," he mumbles. "I was just... I need a moment to stoke the fire-"

The motion is sudden, and it's impossible for the scribe to see. He didn't posses the Blood, or whatever supernatural power allowed his Lord to move like that. The scroll was already in the younger man's hands, unrolling slowly. The panic begins to rise in the shaken scribe's chest.

"My Lord, please!" A stumble moves forward, only to feel a sharp hot pain lancing through his chest. Choking, he gasps, "This is not... this is... dangerous... Blasphemy!"

Finally looking downward, his hand rising to the dagger in his chest, the man's lips tremble. "You... you knew..." The pain has already faded, and now a creeping coldness spreads from the wound. The room begins to swim... and still the younger man simply reads the scroll.

As the floor begins to rush toward the scribe's vision, he hears the final words he'll ever hear.

"Yes. I knew."