Freedom From Destiny (Lu-Mey)

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Freedom From Destiny (Lu-Mey)
Date of Cutscene: 11 February 2015
Location: Tenra
Synopsis: Catharsis
Cast of Characters: 234

How long had she spent living in the past? Too long... Far too long. Dangerously long. Holding herself together, despite all odds, despite the obsessive nature of her singleminded worldly desire for the bloodiest revenge imaginable had undone a part of her. But she did not lose herself, and that was all that had mattered.

Xu the Mad.

Lord Niji.

Two names that she had once associated with the most extreme of agony and anguish. By all rights Lu-Mey should have killed them herself. But she knew that would never bring back her past as she finally arrived at the old, special, place.

With scarcely a glance to the four figures accompanying her, she clutched the fist-sized gem in her hands, to her chest in one final goodbye. Her village was long gone. But the site where it once stood seemed most appropriate. And so the Oni hummed to herself, and to the gem. A gentle lullabye as fingers work to dig the small grave.

And as she works and sings, for the first time in far too long, Lu-Mey feels peace. A true peace, unblemished by the pain of the past.

Xu dead by the myriad jaws of his own creations. Lord Niji brought low. Shen-Di at peace...

With one last brush of her palm over the earth, the heartgem is gone. Buried and never to be found nor disturbed, allowing Lu-Mey to commit another one of her people into the loving embrace of Dii-go, burying the bones of her old beloved, the burden of her past, and the weight of her karma all in one releasing stroke.

For a solemn moment longer, she lingers, staring down at the tiny grave, before picking herself up and turning to her friends with a clap.

"Whelp~. That's that. Now who wants to hit that little ramen stand back in Jyusho~?"

She did not linger long. The past is now buried. The future is for moving on.