Good End

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Good End
Date of Cutscene: 13 November 2015
Location: Akumakami Castle
Synopsis: Alice wakes up early and distributes a few things. Reminiscing.
Cast of Characters: 807
Tinyplot: Touhou Kakudai

Akumakami Castle - Morning

Alice wakes up in a comfortable bed, her dolls around her and the trunk that stored the dolls Tomoyo used in the finale nearby. A soft yawn is given out as the dollmaker hops up out of bed and wanders around. Hourai and Shanghai are still 'sleeping', a smile is given towards them before she leaves the room and floats around the halls of the castle.

Here, she peeks in a few of the rooms. Tomoyo's room has the resting tailor and with a flick of her fingers, those four dolls move into the room and rest right beside Tomoyo, a small card and a note is there. The card looks like a visual representation of what Tomoyo used. The note, "To see someone without a hint of magic gather the magic around and use a spellcard... that is an impressive feat. Come see me later, I have much to show you."

Heading out to see another room, she moves into Yuna's, a smile is given and another note is floated over with a doll that looks almost like Yuna. "I'm sorry that Yumeko had a different outlook, but thank you for coming and seeing it through to the end. Perhaps we should have tea on your world, in a more peaceful manner. And I'll even see a concert since Mom likes you so much."

Arthur's room gets a visit too, a doll in his near visage is placed nearby and another note, "You are the strangest person outside of Gensokyo I know. Keep up your GREAT ATTITUDE and I hope to have a GOOD TIME with you outside of DANMAKU and INVASIONS and TOURIST TRAPS. Am I doing this right?" Alice's brief smile fades before she leaves the room.

Konoe's room. Alice shakes her head and moves in, quickly placing a Konoe doll and an Alice doll right next to her. There's no note but the gesture for this one is enough. Both dolls are sitting there, hugging one another, smiles plastered on their faces.

Marisa's room gets a visit, the last one to visit too. Alice clutches the Marisa doll tightly and sighs, leaving the doll next to the Magician with another note that just simply says, "I'm sorry."

Moving back in the hallways, Yumeko comes along walking right past Alice but not before ruffling her hair, "You might want to get some more rest. Lady Shinki will be making Devil's Food cake and tea and I have apple pie waiting for you." a simple curtsey is given and a nod, "I just have one more place to visit, Yumeko."

Shinki's room. Alice floats in and moves to occupy some of the bed, scooting up towards her sleeping mom. She closes her eyes once more and whispers. "I'll always be here Mom. Visit me any time..." and with this, she drifts off back to sleep in the comfort of her first home and the Goddess that took her in.