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Guzma (Scenesys ID: 7148)
"Wanna see what destruction looks like? Here it is in human form--it's ya boy Guzma!"
Full Name: Guzma
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Theme: (FC) Pokemon-2
Function: Team Skull Boss
Status: Active
Factional Information
Faction: Concord (4-Partner)
Groups: {{{Groups}}}
Other Information
Physical Age: Mid-20s Actual Age: Mid-20s
Still Aging? Yes Voice Actor: Evan Maltby
Height: Tall Weight: Average
Hair Color: White Eye Color: Gray
Theme Song:


Decked in chains and bracelets, Guzma tries to ooze confidence. In a world where elemental monsters known as Pokemon are trained for battle and companionship, Guzma claims himself as the best in his region. Leading the ruffian gang Team Skull with the help of his buglike Pokemon and their various abilities, he's really a punk and a thug who searches for validation more than anything else, trying to impress those who acknowledge him while leading his gang in the pursuit of a bigger, better world for these outcasts, one where they hold power and respect. The fact that they're a bunch of hooligans with sometimes ridiculous or foolish plans doesn't stop them.



Team Skull Boss:
Guzma is a trainer of Pokemon, elemental monsters that fight by his side. He also leads Team Skull, a gang of punks.
NPCs: Team Skull's members aid Guzma in his escapades, including his admin, Plumeria. They all fight using their own personal Pokemon, which come in various species.
Split Actions: Members of Team Skull can work separately to pursue two objectives simultaneously.
Superhumanity: Pokemon have strong physical attributes, and can boost them to highly superhuman levels via special techniques.

Offensive Options:
Attack List - Ranged: Pokemon attack with various elemental blasts: toxic, wind, water, fire, ice, electricity, energy, and ghostly power.
Attack List - Melee: Pokemon use both natural weapons (wings, fangs, claws, tails, shells, pincers, stingers, webbing, etc) as well as basic martial arts-styled attacks, sometimes elementally enhanced, in combat.
Debilitation: Pokemon can use ice, webbing, and threads to slow, bind, and trap, burn with fire, violently poison and sicken with toxic attacks, paralyze with electric attacks, and briefly confuse with rays.


Movement Options:
Flight: Some Pokemon can fly agilely using wings, or otherwise levitate.
Mobility: Both Pokemon and humans can move rapidly through crowded environments and do parkour-style stunts. Some Pokemon can swim with ease and speed, including up waterfalls, as well as climb walls.
Intangibility: Some Pokemon can phase through solid objects, though they can be stopped by strong wards or protection.

Utility Options:
Incapacitation: Pokemon can put foes to sleep, freeze them, or trap them in webbing, which wears off over a short period of time in the case of sleep or freezing unless forcibly broken, or when the webbing is torn.
Field Shaping: (Attack List - Ranged:) Webbing can be used to blockade the environment, or to create platforms to quickly maneuver past obstacles. Techniques and sheer strength aid in shifting rocks and the earth below them, especially as an attack.
Environmental Protection: Some Pokemon are resistant to extreme temperatures, while others can survive oceanic environmental hazards. Humans can do so as well with special equipment.

Pokemon Senses:
Extraordinary Senses: Pokemon have sharpened animalistic five senses, and some can see in the dark or through echolocation. Tracking through scent, sight, and hearing is easy.


The Hooligan's Life: Survival Skills: Team Skull can survive well in abandoned urban environments, navigating and scavenging easily.


Ya Boy <Trouble>: Guzma seeks, more than anything, to be acknowledged and respected by those outside his gang. He does insane stunts and goofy thuggery in an attempt to get his name out there and be seen as an actual power, even when they're impractical or draw more heat than he can handle. When someone actually validates him, he tries to pay them back with loyalty and favors, which can be manipulated for decent periods of time before he wises up to that person, either sticking with them and subtly trying to gain more freedom, or self-destructively trying to break out of their hold.

Anger Issues <Significant>: Guzma handles losing poorly, and in general, is a bad sport. While he tries to avoid outright cheating, he's extremely brutal and ruthless in combat, and handles losing anything with real stakes with anger and an attempt to best that opponent no matter what it takes, whether in an actual battle or through some other means, creating violent rivalries quickly. When angry, Guzma also has a frequent tendency to smash things up, whether they be people, places, or items.


Title Date Scene Summary
KHA: A Door to the Heart May 30th, 2020 The final showdown with the Seeker of Darkness occurs at the End of the World, a place where Hearts lost to Darkness collect. There, Ansem stands before a door that leads to a Darkness deeper still.
KHA: A Path To The End May 27th, 2020 The tracking device planted by Seifer draws him and many interested in saving Riku to the deadly deep dive of Hollow Bastion. What secrets does this place hold, and what lies beyond?
Operation: Crowd Control E-1A Reinforcement May 22nd, 2020 A simple cargo escort has an unexpected visitor.
ALLIANCE: The Center Of The Maze January 2nd, 2020 The Warriors of Light and their allies take on Amon, and are betrayed by Lezard Valeth and the Concord
The Legacy of Allag December 17th, 2019 On the outskirts of Mor Dhona lies the great Crystal Tower, a towering edifice and lasting testament to the mighty power of the Allagans. And now mere mortals seek to plunder it. But how? Join Raha, Cid Garlond and other surprise guests as the plot to crack open the Tower begins!
Say Alola! December 15th, 2019 Guzma steals an entire bus stop (with help), to the distaste of several hero-types.
Second Verse: Atrocious Raid December 7th, 2019 The Imperial Liberation Front shows their faces again. Garrellia Fortress has been invaded, with the intent of firing two large railway guns at Orchis Tower in the neighboring country of Crossbell, threatening the lives of many civilians and visiting dignitaries. Meanwhile, an unexpected visitor has her eyes on the weapons, having teamed up with the ILF to serve her own goals.


Title Date Scene Summary
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