Her Actual World (Sinon)

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Her Actual World (Sinon)
Date of Cutscene: 28 February 2015
Location: Tokyo (Sword Art Online-1)
Synopsis: The life of Shino Asada.
Cast of Characters: 649

The simulated world of Gun Gale Online fades away into the past, as Shino Asada opens her eyes. Once again, she steps off of the bed she is lying on, stretches feeling back into her arms and legs and takes in the surroundings of the small single-person apartment that she lives in.

The next day, she goes to school. It feels to her like an asylum; fellow students who have not changed since childhood, lethagic teachers... rare outstanding examples, but no essential existences to think of.

On the way home, as she thinks of what to put on her tofu burger, she hears a voice call out "Asada~..."

Standing in an alley, three girls beckon her over and, when she hesitates, pull her in by the wrist. Endou is the name of the one she remembers well enough.

"Sorry, Asada! We sang so much kareoke that we have no money to ride the train home! We'll pay you back tomorrow, so ... lend us ten thousand yen, please~?" "...there's no way I would have that much in my purse." "Well, go and withdraw some, then." "And leave your bag here..." 'asks' one of the others. "Your purse, too."

They were friends, once. Shino Asada, who moved to this city from the countryside, left behind her entire world, and Endou was one of the first to reach out to her. Then, things changed. Endou found out.

"...I don't want to." "...are you looking down on us, Asada?" "Let me go. I have no intention of lending you money today."

Endou smiles, and she raises her fist. But rather than do anything of violence, she simply points her index finger and raises one thumb... and Shino Asada feels a chill, as her vision blurs and her legs shake, and her heartbeat quickens, and the color begins to fade from the world and her ears are ringing and the sound gets louder and louder and louder and then she's screaming--

And it attracts the attention of a coincidence, and there is her comrade, the only one she can really trust, the pale toffee-haired Kyouji Shinkawa, and he and a policeman are shooing the girls who have surrounded her away and he's talking to her softly and taking her to a cafe where she can calm down.

One day, she thinks, I'll escape. One day someone will save me.

One day.