Homecoming (Genghis Rex)

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Homecoming (Genghis Rex)
Date of Cutscene: 27 February 2015
Location: Reptilon
Synopsis: Rex reunites with his sister, but things are already not going well.
Thanks to: Serori
Cast of Characters: 114
Tinyplot: A Wish for the Future

Genghis Rex stood silently in his old domicile, a spacious and luxurious room carved into the head of The Serpent's Spine, with a massive oval window that overlooked the vast Tyranno lands. It was a refreshing sight and he noticed that in his 3 years absence that everything was as he left it. However, the thin coat of dust that coated everything suggested that the cleaning staff assumed that his relocation was permanent.

Memories of the life he'd lived before he'd left came flooding back. This was his room from his days as a hatchling through his adolescence and right up until the day Allo sent him away - to the Multiverse. The life he'd lived in this room alone was enough to fill 1000 lifetimes of less privileged beings.

Anyone else might have never left this room. Everything any aristocrat's son might have ever wanted could be accomplished right here. Any food, any entertainment, any carnal pleasures: it was all his for the taking. All he needed to do was indulge, become fat, lazy, complacent and dance like a puppet on a string when the powers that be demanded it. It would have been a full life of no regrets for anyone else. However, this was Genghis Rex, and he was never interested in towing the line he was given. He preferred to pull the strings himself.

He passed a large shelf, with photos of his various family members neatly laid out in their order of succession. He stopped by the photo of his mother, her brilliant golden feathers shimmering even in the darkened room, her eyes fierce and the color of jade, like his own. She wore her pride well, like her son ... like the other.

His father's portrait was different. The deep crimson scales seemed to be all Rex inherited from him. His features were soft, his eyes were a dull brown. He was a good father, kind and attentive, but he was no king in spite of his title and after relinquishing control of the planet to the Dinosaucers, it was only a matter of time (6 days to be exact) before he felt the sting of the assassin's blade.

The next photo stared back at him hatefully with his own fierce green eyes. He hurried past it, past her, he didn't need to endure her hate in his own living space. The next photo inline was smaller, not as ornate, not a portrait, but a simple photograph. He blew picked it up and blew the dust from the glass, revealing his own young, smiling, proud face, and another, white feathered, beaked, laughing.

"Teryx" he muttered and held the photo to his chest.

"Am I interrupting?" a voice hissed behind him sarcastically.

Rex jolted, then whirled around in disbelief, his heart pounding in his chest. His sister, Princess Deinonychus stood not 4 feet behind him, smirking, her tail curling around her ankle like a serpent.

"When did you become Batman?!" Rex barked.

The humor was lost on his yellow feathered sister, she cocked her head in confusion, "Who?"

Rex shook his head, trying to soften his tone, "Forget it. Come here, let me see you. It's been so long."

Dei stepped forward and Rex pulled her much smaller frame into a hug. She was treacherous and spiteful, but she was his sister, and he had missed her dearly.

"Not long enough" she spat, no hint of humor in her voice.

Rex pulled back, staring into her eyes, "Dei, I missed ..."

"Stoppit. I hate you."

Rex's hug loosened. She meant it.

He feathers bristled, "I thought you were finally gone. You and the idiot brigade. I'd finally gotten some traction! FINALLY they were taking me seriously, but no. You just couldn't stay DEAD could you? Little brother had to come BACK and steal MY thunder!"

She shoved him against the wall, pressing a claw against his throat. Rex didn't know how to react.

"I'm older than you." She pressed a clawed finger into his scaled flesh and began dragging it down the front of his chest, tearing through the fabric of his jacket, his blood chasing after the knifelike appendage.

When she'd finished shredding his jacket, she grabbed his Tyranno insignia and ripped it off, tossing it carelessly across the room, "I'm SMARTER than YOU."

She then leaned in pressing the tip of her snout under his chin, "I'm BETTER than YOU in EVERY way."

"I just lack one LITTLE thing ..." Rex felt claws dig into his groin, he couldn't help but grimace as the pain surged into him.

He reached for her claw, to pull it away, but she grabbed his wrist and twisted him around, slamming him face first into the wall, toppling the photos on the nearby shelf to the floor. Her head rested against his shoulder as she whispered, "I should kill you right now ..."

Rex's pain and confusion suddenly coalesced into a savage blind rage that he could no longer contain. He wrenched his arm free, grabbed Dei by the throat, whirled her around and slammed her against the wall, her feet dangling a full 2 feet off the ground.

Her surprised yelp was all that stopped him from snapping her neck.

"You sound like a fucking broken record, Dei! Don't you get tired of singing that same tired old tune?!"

Rex and Dei's eyes were both wild with madness and they were locked together. Reflexively, she clutched at his hulking claw, but his death grip would not loose no matter how hard she pried at it.

"dooooo iiiitttt ..." she croaked.


"Nootttt ... everything ... noowwww do itttt, if youuuuu hhhhhave the ballllls."

"RARRGGGG!" Rex released Dei and slammed his fist through her still standing portrait.

"Fucking coward. Just like Dad."

There was a knock at the door. Ankylo's voice rang out, "Bossasaur? It's time for you meeting with the elders."

Rex stormed away from her, heading for the door, peeling the shattered portrait off his claw, "Never come back here ... never!"

"FUCKING COWARD!" She gasped, clutching at her throat, "THAT'S ALL YOU ARE!"

Rex opened the door, revealing a shocked Ankylo standing in the doorway, "Rex, are you ok? What happened?"

Rex pushed Ankylo aside and said heavily, "I'd give my life if it meant I could save yours."


The words struck Rex like a bolt of lightning. "I want you gone when I come back."

The king pulled the door shut behind him and began towards his meeting with the Elders, never noticing the trail of blood he was dragging behind him.