Homura's Notes - Page 227

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Homura's Notes - Page 227
Date of Cutscene: 28 July 2014
Synopsis: A look at Homura's diary. (City of Cycles 1)
Cast of Characters: 2
Tinyplot: When They Return

The City of Cycles. My Node, apparently.

A Japanese town not unlike Mitakihara, standing out by keypoints:

- Path leading to Node giant arrow on a bow.
- Isolated from its world.
- Contains Puella Magi.
- Upside down when entering; hourglass symbolism?
- Familiars present; therefore, must assume Witches. Maybe Demons/Wraiths.
- Origin point of Walpurgisnacht-level cataclysm outskirts of town.
- Three Puella; yellow, mage-style, blue, princess, red, magical girl.
- Incubator present (blue girl minds him least?). Wants help.
- Currently in its 35th iteration (34 resets).
- Source of isolation a Puella Magi-- one of the three, or a fourth?
- Entrance a radio tower atop a skyscraper; good view.

Transcription from Speaks: "This session is meant to provide an understanding. Not just of what it truly meant to work for another's salvation, but what it meant to try again and again for it. This session is also about the true cost of a happy ending, and what a happy ending really is."

"This isolated space has been subject to 34 temporal cycles, initated by unknown force. The isolation of this space is more easily traced: It is the influence of one puella magi. She has isolated it against Incubator influence, and is hard at work on a strange project indeed. She asks for your help. But the last Incubator of the City of Cycles has its own request for you. Unfortunately, I rather expect you're going to give it to them."

"The City of Cycles welcomes you, Homura Akemi. It begs for conclusion."

Things to do:

- Find three Puella.
- Find the Incubator. (And: pray he's not an asshole.)
- Find the source of the timeloops.
- Explore outskirts of town for source of Familiars.
- Map city (ASAP!).
- Outside Node: farm additional Grief Seeds/Cubes to potentially save Puella.
- If not enough: get ready for some mercy kills. (Allies may disapprove.)

Here's hoping several years have not dulled my ability to handle this.


- Go clothes shopping for classes so Psyber shuts up.