Hook: Echoes of a Wish Gone Wrong (Gudako Ordria)

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Hook: Echoes of a Wish Gone Wrong (Gudako Ordria)
Date of Cutscene: 04 December 2015
Location: -
Synopsis: Archived report.
Cast of Characters: 908

Written by Caster, old Japanese etc. etc.

"There's a place on the world my master is from-- not her home city, but it wasn't that far. It had its own Grail War too, before master's first and second cities did. Their wish went pretty poorly; it must have been one of the more powerful Grails, because that city isn't much more than a crater now. But! That place had some really high-tier leylines. She sent me and Berserker to scout, but there's a slight problem."

"Basically, we can't set up shop there to use the leylines without evicting the current occupants. Ghosts, wraiths-- maybe Servants. They're not real, they're just echoes and imprints left by the destruction. But there's quite a few of them! So we need muscle."

"Once the threats are gone, myself, miss Bathory and mister Caster of Steel could easily use our Territory Creation together to set up a fortress. Master got tired of being in a shabby apartment and overheard talk of being productive and getting a real base somewhere, ah... she's really made us do our research."

"Besides the ghosts, it's important to avoid the flaming black mud scattered all over the city. It's extremely dangerous to Servants, but probably not so much to you guys. It corrupts, though! Please bring appropriate charms and wards if you can. Or, better yet, don't take mud baths in it! The upside is that once we get past it and to the center of the leylines, we'll have a very defensible position surrounded by hazards. The Servants avoid the center for some reason. Seems there used to be an anti-spirit field there, we could probably work with that."

"So yeah! Muscle. We'll need some muscle."