Howl Again Black Wolf (Gaius Van Baelsar)

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Howl Again Black Wolf (Gaius Van Baelsar)
Date of Cutscene: 09 January 2015
Location: Garlean Capitol, Garlemald, Hydaelyn
Synopsis: Old failures and ghosts can hold even the strongest of men back. Sometimes they need a few reminders from those closest to them that they never truly powerless.
Cast of Characters: 522

How do we know you have not been tempered?
That would be impossible or I would not be here.
Prove it.
Prove you are not still loyal to Nael Darnus.
Why you..
Prove it, Luscus. Prove that the defense of Garlemald can be trusted in your hands.
I have served this nation loyally sense that day and earned my rank!
Yes.. you have..
Your only turning this around because you have lost your bite little wolf...
Just as you are trying to turn this around to hide your true loyalties!

Gaius Van Baelsar. Enough. Until proof is given of the accusations, this is pointless.. and Luscus, the same goes to you as well. I shalt not have my Legatus tearing at one another with distrust. Gaius Van Baelsar, we shall speak in private and I shall speak to each of you in turn. The return of Nael Darnus shall not impact Garlemald or her people. Unless he becomes a threat to our borders, we will continue on as we always had.. if the people come aware, they shall be informed that he is a false man and Nael still remains in the grave. The Darnus House reputation shalt not be tarnished.

"Gaius.." A woman's voice breaks the thoughts of the Legatus as he leans against the ledge with his eyes closed. His gold eyes open gently and Gaius peers over at the woman in black and green armor. Her figure sleek and agile. Her armor curved and slim. "..How long can you continue this before you break?"

Gaius then looks away from her, even as she walks over. Shifting his weight slight as she gets in closer and his thumb running across the top part of his gloved hand. His helm resting along side him on the ledge. "Obvious, is it?"

"You're a man of integrity and a man who has survived against many odds. You keep your cool under pressure and rarely let your emotions get the better of you. We all saw you today as a man who was caught between wanting to bite or hold your tail between your legs." She then steps up next to him and turns herself around to rest her backside against the ledge. Her arms easily crossing over her chest. "You and I also worked together, Baelsar. Many long nights you and I after all. I know when your starting to show cracks in that defense wall of yours."

"Mm." Gaius sighs softly before he leans back a bit and rests his hands on the ledge. Holding his weight for a moment. "The cracks are that of fear. With Nael back.. anyone whom was re-accepted back into the fold could be a threat.. and proof.. proof is not easy to come by unless they make a grave mistake-- and can w honestly afford to wait for that mistake to show itself?"

Gaius then shakes his head gently. "The world is even larger now. The wars far more complex. It is no longer just us trying to rule over Hydaelyn-- but now we have to defend ourselves from far greater, larger dangers that..." His voice freezes as her hand comes to touch the side of his face.

"You have not shaven this morning.." She says softly before sighing softly. "..stop carrying so much on your shoulders. You are not Emperor yet.. and if you show weakness, if you show the inability to hold yourself together.. you know his Radiance's sons will try..."

Gaius then removes her hand away, before taking a step back from her. "Let them try. One is a coward, a business man-- the other unable to command a front line. It is not them they fear, but the Grandson.. and even he knows to not challenge me. He tried once and only by his Radiance's orders did I not slit that young pup's throat."

She slides her hand away and then looks at it for a moment, even as Gaius speaks. Her hand clenches slightly before she lowers it slowly to her side. "As you say, Baelsar, but my words still hold true. You carry to much on you. You command your Legion, you are trying to conqueror Eorzea, you worry for the protect of us all, and your even trying to play diplomat with not only the city your Viceroy of-- but also that with that... Multiverse." She looks to him once more. "You need to let us handle our charge and you-- yours. Remember that man you once were before your failure. Remember that man you once were when you gained the title of Black Wolf."

She then looks to his helm, before looking out over the grand city beyond. The structures reaching up high of black metal and reflective glass. Lights of blue glowing across their surface in sharp contrast. "Your ferocity. Your cunning. Your strengths." She then looks to him once more. "I know it is all still in there. I see it in your eyes and hear it in your voice. It is that what people need right now, Gaius. They need you-- to be you again. Not a diplomat. Not a man who knows the Empire could be once in their grasp. They need the Legatus, the soldier.. the man you truly are."

The woman then steps up to him and cups his face with both of her hands, forcing him to look directly at her, even through those void lens. "Restrengthen that resolve, Gaius. For if you crack anymore-- it not be those around you must fear that find the weakness within you.. but it will be Nael.. and then we will lose you.." Her hands then slide away from his face before she goes to walk away.

"Why are you saying all this to me. You think I do not know what must be done?" Gaius asks her, even as she steps away. "I am not a child whom needs to be reminded of his place. I take on what I believe I can.. and I shall preserver through it all."

She then looks over her shoulder to him. "Arrogance does not befit you, Baelsar. My words are spoke to you as a reminder, because I know you will sit back with your glass of wine-- and you will think on it and you will then understand it all." She then looks away. "..and because I once loved you.. and I wonder when you fall, if she will be able to mend you as I could.. if she has the courage to look you in the eyes and tell you when your wrong."

She then starts to continue to walk away once more. "Now place your words into actions, as you always done. Preserver, as you done so many times, and take wisdom that you have gained over the years. For may it all serve you well so that you may not lose your path-- or forget whom you are truly to us all.."

Gaius stands there watching her walk away. His eyes lower to her final words and then reaches over to his helm. Flipping it around to look at it dead on. His thumb running across part of the metal work as he inhales deeply.

Silence finding him for a moment, before he smirks and then chuckles softly. He then looks up toward the already closed down before exhaling softly. With a soft shake of his head, he then goes to place his helm back on. For he knew she was right. Right now, the world didn't need the diplomat or the man worried about image. They needed him to be truly him. The commander that so many of his men respected and the man so many others feared.

Nael tried to snuff that out back then. Cripple him and muzzle him. It almost worked, no-- it did work if the feelings all be true. At seeing him again, how he froze up, how he let his emotions drive him and lock up his judgment. He was running scared, but it was time to return to roots-- return to the man that even Nael would not mess with.

It was time to return to the true title meaning of the Black Wolf.