IFOS: Everyday People (Ren Tanaka)

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IFOS: Everyday People (Ren Tanaka)
Date of Cutscene: 27 February 2016
Location: Amarillo-8
Synopsis: I am no better and neither are you...

We are the same, whatever we do

You love me, you hate me, you know me and then

You can't figure out the bag I'm in

I am everyday people, yeah yeah

Cast of Characters: 165
Tinyplot: Invaders From Outer Space

"What is this strange thing I found by the river, mama?" "What? Why did you bring that home! Throw it away! I don't need another crazy thing to worry about."

"Did you see those people down by the junkyard? Mac says some battery in a wrecked car was shootin' out electricity all over the place and they came in to deal with it."

"Can you believe all of those gangers just up and stopped at the end of the winter?" "I heard they got 'em all into the canyon park and some government men sprayed 'em down with drugs." "What, like those government guys that have been going around pawnshops?"

"Mike was always the most broken of a bunch of broken kids," Tobe tells Ren, as they sit around some beers at the Big Texan. "He whipped together a ton of people from all around that could hardly even reach the pedals on a car, much less drive... once he told me a crooked cop busted his old man down for makin' fake comic books. Mr. Yates never did find out who ratted him out... said it was a conspiracy against 'him to his kids. Guess that's why he always hated people keepin' secrets... 'specially cops... guess once he felt like we were gonna side with the law, that the only guy he could trust was himself. And now he's gone and run off with that crazy thing..."

"Hello?" Maria Smith says weakly, speaking into a rotary phone. "Didn't you say you were all from the Union? I'm sorry, dears, I didn't have the thought in me to ask whose Union or anything more... I'm just wanting to give you a call, only, I'm sorry to bother you all after you were all so helpful with the gangs and all, but I remembered when a bright young woman came to see me back in December. She said she came to town to help, and I really think I could use it now... I didn't mention it because I didn't want to be a bother, but you see, I've been feeling strange and having stranger dreams, and something she asked me about came back to mind the other day..."