If That's Moving Up, Then... (Kyra Hyral)

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If That's Moving Up, Then... (Kyra Hyral)
Date of Cutscene: 14 May 2015
Location: Mognet Video Chat
Synopsis: Kyra makes her push to get disowned.
Cast of Characters: 626

"I'm moving out."

Kyra let the words hang in the silence that followed over the video chat client as her parents stared at her in silence from their side of the webcam.

"I'm moving out." she repeated, "I got an apartment in Njorun-which is outside of Galianda but I bet you already knew that because I bet one of my brothers or sisters reads my blog and reports to both of you-" Kyra sucked in a breath after that quickly spoken, vaguely bitter-sounding aside, "-with Dominic Masoch. We're dating, by the way!" Kyra grinned and made jazz hands at the embedded camera on her laptop. "Surprise! Unless it's not. Oh! And you can go ahead and cut your tuition payments to Alexander Academy because I'm getting financial aid from the Union."

Satisfied, Kyra sat back with her arms folded over her chest, eager to see the reactions. Uncomfortable silence pervaded the call and after long enough, Kyra began to wonder if they had disconnected in rage and the webcam feed hadn't caught up yet. It was the weary voice of her father that dispelled this illusion.

"Is this what you want? Even in the wake of the incident with that Lute boy..." Dmitri "Delita" Hyral asked, a frown pulling at his red-haired lined, lion-esque face. "Is this why you've refused our efforts to right you? To protect you?"

"Protection?" Kyra shot back immediately, "The hell this is about protection. It's about control! Ever since I was born you've all been about controlling my life and I've-"

"You petulant, spoiled, Chaos-spawned child." Anastasia's low and deadly calm voice cut over the link. Kyra instinctively flinched, unable to deny the twisting feeling in her stomach at hearing the true name of The Enemy spoken, much less directed at her in such a way by her own mother. Part of her mind made the clinically detached diagnosis that this physical reaction resulted from years of religious teaching at an early age. Regathering her thoughts, Kyra formed the proper response to these accusations:

"Yeah? Go on?" Kyra sat back in her chair calmly, threading her fingers together, yet brimming with anticipation inside. She could feel it. This was it.

Anastasia reached over to take her husband's hand in hers. "You are Cherem, Kyra." Her voice seemed to waver in that moment and her father's frown deepened. As she continued, the hard steel voice that Kyra knew her mother for was quick to return. "Your wish for rejection from Cosma and the family is granted: you are Cherem."

That visceral, twisting reaction returned to Kyra, her mind supplying the long-learned lessons on those punished with the variant of excommunication known as Cherem. Her eyes widened mind spun in panic, realization that this could be worse than being disowned settling in. "Rrrreaaallly." Kyra managed with a long, exhaled breath, mustering her courage. "You sure I'm even a valid candidate for that if I stopped practicing Cosma two years ago? You can't kick me out if I already left!"

"You may have left." Anastasia replied coldly, "But until now, your family and Cosma at large has not left you. We have been here, waiting for you to return-but not anymore."

The cold goodbyes that followed were brief. Kyra could hardly remember them as she sat there, staring blankly at the screen, searching for the contentment this was supposed to bring her.