In the Dark (Midway)

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In the Dark (Midway)
Date of Cutscene: 02 December 2018
Location: Great Ocean Grotto
Synopsis: The Raider Demon's sanctum is host to an unwanted and unwelcome visitor
Cast of Characters: Midway

An undersea grotto. The shape of the seafloor has produced a cavern that manages, even at this depth, to contain a substantial air pocket. The cavern is dimly lit by ancient, flickering lamps, black and corroded with time. And strewn about it in loosely organized heaps are various treasures. A haphazard pile of steel ingots and scrap in varying states of corrosion. A carefully stacked tower of oil drums. Discarded weapon barrels and ammunition.

The pool of water near one edge bubbles. From this, the Raider Demon surfaces, water sloughing from her mismatched armor and asymmetrical gauntlets. Underneath one arm, a bound together pallet of ingots. As she approaches the transition from water to stone, other Abyssal ships surface. The dog-sized, whale-like destroyers. Spherical transports. Hauling themselves ashore, the transports split open their cargo bulbs, and the destroyers begin offloading the materials taken from Dynamic Steel.

"Welcome, Raider Demon."

Activities immediately cease. Destroyers whirl towards the back of the cavern, baring their teeth. The Demon herself drops her cargo, drawing both arms up aggressively. Her claws brandished, her cannons swinging around, the Raider Demon demands, "Who. Said That." Once her weapons have fully traversed, the Demon edges forward, "Show. Yourself."

In the back of the cavern, eyes slowly open. Glowing crimson points in the dark. Their appearance gives the Demon pause. The figure they're attached to steps forward, guttering light flickering off ghostly pale skin, the snow-white dress, glistening off the black metal implants on her fingers and neck and the prominent horns. Raider Demon takes a step back, bringing her clawed gauntlet from an aggressive stance to a defensive one when the figure speaks.

"I," her voice is cold, her tone level and commanding, "Am Midway."

The Demon steps back, as the intruder continues to approach with measured steps, "A. Princess." The Raider stops, then, presenting her weapons once more in a show of defiance, "State. Your Business."

"I have been observing your activities," the Princess reaches behind herself as she approaches, "And I have located the source of your deficiencies."

Her hand emerges, holding a well-used smithing hammer.