Infested Outbreak (Jupiter)

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Infested Outbreak (Jupiter) (Plotsys ID: -1)
While the Corpus and Grineer along with the Syndicates are known quantities in the Origin System, a foe that both sides contend with is making itself known once more. The Infested. Victims of the Technocyte Virus, a metamorphic virus without cure, living organisms consumed and merged into rabid amalgamations. Resurgent upon Jupiter, it is up to the Tenno and other enterprising Elites to help the Corpus suppress and exterminate them once more.
Base Info
TP Scale: Minor
TP Runner(s): Kushiko
Attached Theme: Warframe-1
Other Contacts: None.
Target Audience: Everyone
Genre & Tone: Sci-fi w/grimdark

Events So Far

The Corpus are reporting a new outbreak of Infested upon Jupiter. The planet, once overrun by victims of the Technocyte Virus has been plagued by intermittent resurgence of Infested that lay dormant and other means that have yet to be determined.

The moon stations of Carme, Metis, Io, Elara and Thebe are currently undergoing extermination sanctions, and incentives are being offered for assistance to the Tenno in purging the current outbreak.

Ships are advised not to enter unless they are aware of the dangers and likelihood of not leaving the system unless they are Tenno-escorted or thoroughly checked down to the nanoparticle for Infested tissue.

It was a hard fought victory, but through the efforts of the Elites and Tenno, the Infestation's source vector, PHORID, was discovered and found, breaking the back of the ongoing Infestation.

Information both major and minor was revealed, such as the nature of the Infestation as a former weapon, as well as it's ability to infect both organic and inorganic in equal measure.

For now, with a few exceptions, the Infestation can be considered suppressed...

Other Information

Set to be a 3-4 scene mini-arc introducing the Infested to the 'verse at large.


Title Date Scene Summary
Jupiter: Infested Outbreak (P1) April 22nd, 2016 The first encounter with the Infested also demonstrates how severe of a threat they are that old hostilities are put aside in a bid to draw attention off other operatives in order to escape.
Jupiter: Infested Outbreak (P2) May 2nd, 2016 While a source vector has been identified for the Infestation on Jupiter, getting more information to track down it's location is a problem that only wiping out more Infested can help deal with.
Jupiter: Infested Outbreak (P3) May 13th, 2016 With less Infested in the way, an attempt can be made to obtain the information necessary to track down PHORID where it has manifested most recently. Surely it isn't a trap?
Jupiter: Infested Outbreak (Final) May 21st, 2016 The final confrontation with the source of the Infested that have been resurgent in Jupiter's orbit.


Title Date Scene Summary
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