Integrated Circuit (Ferham)

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Integrated Circuit (Ferham)
Date of Cutscene: 14 September 2014
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Ferham finds herself in for a rude awakening...
Thanks to: Black Arachnia, Blurr, Miss Clokwerk, Xau'ra Tayuun, Vertigo, ect.
Cast of Characters: 516
Tinyplot: Behind the Circuit

There was a lot of noise and activity in the small lab area where Ferham had been set down. Pieces of her armor were removed hastily and without much care, the femmebot held under a few layers of security (mainly the electric variety) should she try to move. She was sat upright in what looked like a padded dentist's chair, the lower end of it ripped open spewing micro fiber out from a gash, likely when it was being moved or stolen from whatever practice it originally belonged to. Her wrists and ankles were held fast by a series of heavy metal and electrified shackles set into the chair itself along the sides.

"Hoo boy, get that moddy over here, gotta rig this bitch up before 12, I'm hungry damnit."

a voice of the rigger, one of the men she was vaguely aware had carried her off after the attack on the base. Her green eyes opened, peering around, she was in some kind of office space that had been converted into a computerized lab, but it was far from clean or sterile. Furniture had been scavenged and things like office tables served as work benches, a fast food restaurant counter served to hold up a row of computer bays. Wires were strewn everywhere, as were discarded takeout boxes and food wrappers, namely soylent bars. The place was a mess, and ramshackle, and pieced together bit by bit.

Ferham then realized that her helmet had been removed and the synthetic skin of her scalp had been peeled back, her shoulder-length black hair askew. The titanium shock-dampening assembly release had been unlocked for her skull, leaving her electronic brain more or less exposed. She tried to move her head as the men approached but one pressed a 10k volt stun gun right under her chin and threatened to fry her if she didn't stop moving. A strange microchip she'd never seen before was held delicately between a pair of metal tweezers and slowly inserted down into circuitry, finding a home. Thoughts and emotions of someone she had never met began to fill her mind.

She screamed.