Invaders From Outer Space (Ren Tanaka)

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Invaders From Outer Space (Ren Tanaka)
Date of Cutscene: 08 November 2015
Synopsis: Look at the first letter of every line.
Cast of Characters: 165
Tinyplot: Invaders From Outer Space

Time and space can have their meaning distorted in the multiverse...

And this is is especially so when more than one world crosses over with one another, having unified in different ways.

Key events not just in the lives of heroes and villains, but historical figures, can be changed, and the butterfly effect causes new stories to be formed in this incredible pluralized world.

Ultimately, eventually every world will come to the awareness that it is not alone...

Yet, the truth of what has changed the lives of everyone in a given world may not be known for a very long time.

As an example, consider space. There are many worlds where the human race encounters the awareness that it is not alone on its own- people from another world, but within their own universe, encroach upon Earth and leave their mark, creating myths when in prehistory, sometimes conflicts in the modern era.

When a world that has never known this, however, encounters both the alien and the multiversal at the same time, what would happen?

And so it brings us to America, as it so often always does.

Some time ago, a 'first contact' was meant to happen in a world, a place where cultural revolution was already happening, where social revolution was taking place...

However, how much more dangerous would this world become if someone took steps to set off two massive, eye-opening cultural bombs at once?

Even worse, who would engineer such a situation- a 'kicking and screaming' introduction to the outside world made doubly worse for a population that could barely survive just one?

Ren Tanaka has already lived through the swinging sixties once, and he's dealt with aliens, and he's even dealt with vicious multiversal troublemakers, but never all of them at once...

Ever wonder what would happen if the King of Rock'n'Roll died before his time? What would happen if people find out Aliens really did Kill Elvis?