It's Been a Long Night (Bigby Wolf)

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It's Been a Long Night (Bigby Wolf)
Date of Cutscene: 03 October 2014
Location: Fabletown
Synopsis: The world of the Fables unifies.
Cast of Characters: 585

Just before midnight, New York City time last night, a new warp gate opened behind a maintenance door under the Gothic Bridge of Central Park. Whether the defunct former portal to the Crooked Man's lair still had some kind of lingering magical resonance, or whether it was complete coincidence, no one in Fabletown could immediately say.

The Business Office was roused, however, to immediate, frantic action. The sudden appearance of a portal, and this close to Fabletown, could mean only one thing: the Adversary was finally invading.

While the administration scrambled to activate emergency protocols and rouse the populace for imminent battle, the community's intrepid Sheriff rushed by cab to the site to scout the enemy's forces. When he found nothing but a quiet park, and a couple of mundys strolling hand-in-hand over the bridge, he was brought up short, bemused and suspicious. With a scowl wrinkling his forehead, Bigby Wolf shook a cigarette out of the battered pack of Huff&Puffs in his coat pocket, lit it and puffed grumpily as he stalked toward the door. What was on the other side of it was... not the Homelands.

Hours Later...

"So that's settled then." Snow White flicked an ambivalent look between Bigby and the door. She raised a hand to rub wearily at her forehead. "Now that the Thirteenth Floor has masked the portal from mundy awareness, we ought to be able to keep this quiet. For a while, at least. In the meantime, Bigby will scout this... entirely new world and try to find out WHY there's suddenly a new portal to it in the middle of Central Park. John and..." she cast a distasteful look toward the tall, well-dressed man with the neatly-trimmed goatee, "...Bluebeard, will be in charge of keeping a rotating watch on this place until we know more. Otherwise," she sighed, "we prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Bigby, we're counting on you."

"Have I let you down yet?" the grizzled man in the gumshoe trenchcoat replied caustically. Then, in a lower, softer tone, he added, "Don't worry Snow. I'll always come back." Before the Deputy Mayor could so much as blush at the improper familiarity of that statement, the Big Bad Wolf turned, snuffed out his cigarette on the path beneath the heel of his shoe, and stalked into the Multiverse to see what could be seen.