It's War Time (Nagato)

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It's War Time (Nagato)
Date of Cutscene: 21 January 2016
Location: Hikari Seaport - Admiral's Office
Synopsis: Nagato plans a sortie... Musashi takes a visit.
Cast of Characters: Nagato

Admiral's Office - Hikari Seaport - 00:00

Nagato stares outside the window, looking over the docks with a steely eye. Strewn across the desk are papers, mission orders, supply requests, base upgrades and pinned up on a wall is an aerial map of the surrounding oceans with specific 'Abyssal' marks on them and above that, written in kanji is 'Operation Rei-Go'. The room is eerily silent as the red light from one of the cranes flashes a bit... Akashi's working with Yuubari.

The door slowly opens, Musashi making her way into the room, "Admiral." comes the greeting from the battleship, "Going through with it, eh? I've got you covered, Admiral." She walks over and places a hand on Nagato's shoulder, looking out the window as well towards the docks. "Nervous huh? First large scale operation since we've joined the Multiverse and the amazing Union. We've got fleets we can petition for beyond our own..."

"A cough interrupts Musashi's going ons, "We shouldn't bring the Union's Navy in it, however their Elites..." she gives a chuckle, "Three of them perform very well with the SDP... with one finding her torpedo girl soul. We'll be experimenting with the light cruiser gear. It's only a matter of time that someone might volunteer for the light carriers. Suffice to say, even without this, all the Union elites I've encountered are well equipped to handling this as well."

"So you say, Nagato, so you say. What about that Momoyo girl? You know how driven she is..." Musashi's smirk becomes slightly bigger, with Nagato still with unbreaking gaze, "I'll just give her a backpack and rudders. She doesn't need our equipment, she's on par with me.. and I promised her she could have her revenge."

"You're planning on sortieing the Tenth Division? On a large scale?" a nod comes from Nagato. "Are you sure? They don't know what it's like to sink... and we may lose some while they're with them." Nagato stands there wordless, her eyes break the gaze of the docks only to look away from Musashi.

"They will learn. Musashi, put in double time on training the Battleships. Have Hamakaze work with some of the destroyer groups for combined fleet tactics, twelve to a team and tell Akitsumaru that she'll see some service as well. It's time to show the Abyssal Fleet and their Confederate allies that enough is enough."

Musashi chuckles at this and nods, "Orders are understood, Admiral." and with that, she turns about face and makes her way out... once again, the room eerily silent.

Nagato takes a look at the Operation board and nods, "February... we set sail."