Joining the Union (Ren Tanaka)

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Joining the Union (Ren Tanaka)
Date of Cutscene: 07 May 2015
Synopsis: The Traveller's introduction to the Union, posted on the General board.
Cast of Characters: 165

"Hello there, defenders of freedom. I'd say 'humanity', but that always felt a bit inclusive, didn't it? I mean you've got your dragons here, your Pokemon, your silicate-based lifeforms. And we all like freedom, right?

Me? I love freedom. The name's Ren Tanaka. A while ago I think... last year or thereabouts? I was a friend of your man Faruja, I suppose, in a manner of speaking. I always just told him I was a traveller, but he took it as a given name, I think... well, you know... eh.

I sort of am. Traveller, wanderer. Officially I'm a survivalist by hobby, photographer perhaps by trade? Yes, that sounds right. But I suppose like a lot of you, I'm mostly just a man of adventure. Not all that much help in a fight, but I've been in and out of enough jungles. I know a little bit of everything, plus I tell a really good story. I'm looking forward to seeing what joining up with you helps me add to the book.

<<Locked to command and the like>>

"And, since I need to let the top brass know about it, neither of those names I mentioned before are real. The reason being, well... well, you know what it's like with us of the golden foreheads and keeping secrets about our identity, right? Keep it under your hat."