Just a Migraine... (Eric Bane)

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Just a Migraine... (Eric Bane)
Date of Cutscene: 30 September 2014
Location: Urbania
Synopsis: Eric is running out of time...
Cast of Characters: 550

Eric hisses in pain, gripping at the sides of his head. These headaches are getting more frequent. And more painful. The angel is nowhere to be found. Whenever she appeared she took away the pain. But she's been suspiciously absent of late. Leaving him to the mercy of the pain. And the sensation that someone was attempting to mine his skull for diamonds. With a pickaxe.

He knows what it is. Why the headaches are getting worse. Why they hurt more and more each time. Why blood is increasingly not enough. But he doesn't want to acknowledge it. Because the truth is too frightening to think about. And there's really nothing he can do anyway.

The truth? He's running out of time. And he knows it.

Without having drank his creator's blood he's on a fast-track to becoming a mindless flesh-eating abomination. He still doesn't remember much about where he came from. Or what had happened leading up to him being turned into a vampire. Much less who had turned him. Just a vague memory of shooting at something as it teleported across a large warehouse. Closer and closer. Then teeth and darkness. That's it.

Behind the dumpster Eric curls in on himself a little more. He pulls his knees closer to his chest and tries to keep silent. Things are starting to blur together in a vague wash of colored lights, loud sounds, and pain. So much pain...

"Hey man. Y'don't look so good." He can hear the lack of sincerity. Smell the gunpowder.

...Crap. Not this again.

Eric tilts his head up to look at the other man. Grungy and torn clothes, beat-up shoes, and an uncertainly-held gun. Probably a down-on-his luck bum who just thinks it's a good idea to turn to robbing people to get by.

A voice inside his head insists that no one would miss him. That it will be a kindness to get rid of him before he becomes a real problem for someone.

"...I don't have any money."

The man before him pauses. And Eric says nothing either. He doesn't flinch away from the gun in the slightest. It's a weird kind of standoff. Eric looks up at the man with the gun. His blood vision activates of its own accord. For a moment he stares at the place where the other man's pulse was the strongest. Suddenly the pain turns to a white-hot burn in his chest...

His eyes flash...

He snarls and bares his teeth as he begins to rise to his feet.

The man screams in fright.

By some miracle the man with the gun doesn't shoot Eric. Instead he drops the gun and runs away. Eric doesn't follow. Instead he drops back down to the ground. No. No. No. His hands clench into fists and he presses them against the side of his head again as he closes his eyes. He keeps repeating the word to himself. No. No. No.

Only by pure luck had that worked out so well. Anywhere else-- anyONE else-- would have shot him immediately. Probably killed him. Eric opens his eyes and stares at the gun. Will that be his fate? Will someone have to put a bullet in his head to stop him one day?

Eventually the pain passes. Feels like forever. But it eventually does. Eric sighs and curls up. He needs to find a vampire powerful enough before it's too late. But if the vampire's more powerful will he be able to best that vampire for its blood? Because they're not going to just GIVE it to him. At least that's been his experience so far.

Buh. Quit thinking. Just get moving.