Kakarot's High Treason (Vegeta)

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Kakarot's High Treason (Vegeta)
Date of Cutscene: 10 March 2015
Location: Vegeta's Warship
Synopsis: Vegeta makes a public broadcast condemning Kakarot as treasonous. He intends to destroy Kakarot, and all of Kakarot's supporters.
Cast of Characters: 663
Tinyplot: A Wish for the Future

<Broadcast on whatever signals are tuned to one of the frequencies this interrupts.>

Vegeta is sitting in a simple metallic chair on his ship, in a somewhat massive room with a few soldiers walking around in the background. His arms are on the rests, and his tail is easily seen wrapped around his waist.

"I have waited long enough to make a public statement about this new Saiyan Empire. What I have to say won't be popular, some people, even my own people, might not even understand it. But it must be said."

He's calm, resting his head back against the metallic back of said chair. "Kakarot's Saiyan Empire was build on the blood of the royal family. Bardock slaughtered them in some strategic ploy to usurp the royal family and kill Frieza. Kakarot apparently succeeded in his mission to destroy Earth, and once Bardock died to a virus, Kakarot became the king of my people."

He suddenly balls his fist, then slams it against the armrest. "I could deal with Kakarot being some foolish Earthling raised Saiyan, when he defeated me, killing him was just a point of pride. But now? Now it's a matter of getting justice for this treason his family has committed against us."

He stands now, pointing directly at the camera. "Any and all Saiyans who align themselves with this Neo-Saiyan Empire will be considered to be endorsing the slaughter of the royal family, and contributing to this continued act of treason. Any of the Neo-Saiyans who were old enough to know what they were doing at the time this version of my child self and my family were killed will be dealt with. You will have a chance to redeem yourselves. You have until I kill Kakarot to decide. After he's dead, it will be far too late for you."

His arm lowers, and he takes a deep breath, tone calmer. "Raditz and Gohan will be exempt from this, despite their blood associations. However, if they align themselves with their traitorous family again, they will be just as guilty of treason. Kakarot and his family are nothing more than low class barbarians who spit in the face of order, and his farce has gone on long enough. The younger members of the Neo-Saiyans will be trained and they will respect royalty"

"Once I hold Kakarot's still-beating heart in my hand, I will crush it for all to see the true consequences of betraying the Saiyan Royal Family."

He holds his hand out again, then closes it into a fist, which is right when the royal Saiyan crest appears (Image) and the feed cuts.