Loss, Loneliness and Emerald Lady(Mairead Sandilands)

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Loss, Loneliness and Emerald Lady(Mairead Sandilands)
Date of Cutscene: 29 October 2017
Location: IS Academy, Academy Island, Japan
Synopsis: A devastating attack against the IS Academy by a rogue group called Phantom Task, an antagonistic underground organization who hide themselves in the shadows. A group notorious for stealing IS from all over the world and equipping them with deadly pilots that will kill other IS pilots. They attack the IS Academy and Mairead is one of those that help defend the students, but in the battle, he IS is stolen and she is severely injured. Now, this situation affects her within the IS Academy, the Paladins, and the Hikari Defense Alliance.
Cast of Characters: Mairead Sandilands

Infirmary, IS Academy, Academy Island, Japan

How did I get here? Was the thought that came to the mind of Mairead Sandilands as she laid in the hospital bed at the IS Academy. Not fully awake, due to her injuries, but the window was open and the breeze was blowing across Tokyo Bay. Slowly turning her head, Mairead looked at the daylight with a single eye, as her left eye was covered by bandages. And she looked away only after a few seconds.

Glancing at the empty room, then at her left hand which was wrapped in a bandage as was the arm. Specifically, the arm was in a cast and was down at her side. He legs were bruised, which she did not see, but could feel and she was numb to what pain was still going on through her body. Blinking slowly, Mairead tried to sit up and groaned as she fell back onto the bed.

One of the nurses come to her, “Please lay still, you should not move,” she says to Mairead as she adjusts the blankets again and checks on Mairead. “What happened?” Mairead asks. “We were attacked and a lot of students were injured,” she adds as Mairead nods. “How long,” she asks as it hurts to talk and wondering how long she has been in the hospital.

"You have been in the hospital for about five months,” the nurse says to her as she comes over and checks the IV hanging next to the bed and adjusts the pillow. “You’ll be here for another week or two,” the nurse adds as she provides some water for Mairead and adjusts the blanket and pillows and leaves.

Looking as the nurse leaves, Mairead wonders what did happen and why she cannot feel her IS, Emerald Lady. Laying in the quietness of the room, Mairead thinks on things that have happened since she arrived at the IS academy and the Multiverse. The friends she made, the enemies she has made. Tears start to form in her eyes as she realizes that she is truly alone as her parents are deceased, and she knows only a select few of people within the Multiverse. Laying in the bed, she cries herself to sleep as the breeze blows over her.

Two Weeks Later

Mairead was walking from her room to her class and saw people running and laughing, and others who were talking and sad at the loss of fellow classmates. Those that saw Mairead nodded to her and asked how she was doing, still sporting a cast on her left arm and she was sore from all the injuries she had received. Even five months in the hospital, you would figure that your bruises and pains would be gone, Mairead thought as she looks on the IS Academy and how it had changed. Moreover, she has not reached out to her friends within the former Union and had not associated with many outsides of her classes.

Being a liaison with a more powerful group within the world has allowed Mairead more freedom, and given her some backing, but she is not one to use it. Additionally, she missed out on advancing to being a second-year student at the IS Academy while in the hospital and today was wearing the yellow necktie and that is the only way to identify the different years.

Walking, Mairead was approached by Yamada Maya and Mairead curtise to her, "Mairead," Yamada says, "I am glad to see you, may I walk with you?" and Mairead nods, "Yes ma'am"</spam came Mairead's response as she walked. "How are you doing Mairead," came a response. from Yamada. "I am ok, glad to be going to class, just shocked at the damage done to the Academy... I missed a lot of stuff and I feel lost, and alone."

Yamada nodded, "It happens, you were gone for a while and without your IS," she states as Mairead winces and placed a hand on her heart, Yamada looks, and blinks, "Sorrysorrysorry. I did not mean to say that," and Mairead nods, "It is ok," she says as she walks on. "How are you doing," she asks as she listens. "I am well, thank you for asking and Yamada thinks for a moment as she smiles, "Mairead, can you come by and see myself and Orimura-sensei after class today please?" she asks and Mairead nods, "Aye, I will be by after my classes," and Yamada nods, "Thank you," and they part at the building for class.

8 hours later

Mairead arrives at Orimura-sensei's office and knocks on the door, "Enter," is heard and Mairead opens the door and walks in, "Good evening Orimura-sensei, Yamada-sensei," she says as she curtsies to them. "I was asked to come and see you after my classes today," she adds as she stands up to her height. Orimura nods and stands, "Thank you," she says. "With the recent attack by Phantom Task, and the loss of your IS, plus being the liaison to the Paladins, it has been decided that you will be receiving a new IS," she states as Yamada walks over.

"In other words, you will be able to continue being a Representative and with the Paladins," she says. "We know that you have been doing well, but lost and feel that this will help you out and the IS Academy." Mairead blinked and looked at them, "But Scotland does not have another IS and without an IS am not really a valid Representative," she states. Orimura slams her hands on the desk, which causes Mairead to jump back. "You are still a student and Scotland cannot take that away from you till after you graduate and with what you do within the Paladins, they have more pull than other countries," and she stands up to her full, intimidating height. "I am removing you from the restrictions and you are free to go back to training after your cast has been removed," Orimura states.

Nodding her head, Mairead thinks, "Thank you," she says simply and Yamada walks over and places a hand on her shoulder, "Go get your assignments done, I will come and get you when the IS is ready." Mairead nods, curtsies and leaves closing the door and walking quietly back to her room. a smile on her face as she rubs her eyes to whip away the tears.

Orimura and Yamada look at each other, "Let's contact the Hikari Defense Alliance to see what they can suggest as additions to the IS," Orimura says. "Are you going to ask Shinonono for help or suggestions?" and Orimura shakes her head, "This is something that Mairead has to do and if Shinonono wants to help, she will in her own way. Make sure that you have a broadsword as one of the weapons," she says to Yamada. "That is her specialization," and Yamada nods, "Why not just adjust the weapons she had on Emerald Lady with what we can get from the HDA?" Yamada asks and Orimura smiles, "Good idea, also lets ....." and the two talk about ideas that will help Mairead with what she does at the IS Academy and with the Paladins.