Loss (Maya)

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Loss (Maya)
Date of Cutscene: 13 November 2016
Location: Union HQ
Synopsis: Maya thinks about what she's just lost with Yunomi's death and figures out just what to do as there's no time to mourn at the moment.
Cast of Characters: Maya


Sometime On the weekend.

Maya has known much loss in her life before the multiverse? She saw her parents killed in front of her, her mother taking a strike that would have likely ended Maya's own life. She'd had to be pulled off the corpse of her mother by the man known as Uncle as he ran out into a fire fight to rescue her from meeting the same fate as her mother.

She'd lost a close friend and someone who turned out to be family when the Creator's final test was taken. Also her world had lost much as a whole from that but it had survived the echos of the dead continued on to this day. It was funny she thought even the dead may still have an effect upon the worlds as the results of their actions continue to echo onwards

Yunomi was gone, while Maya knew she was older than her? She had a hard time not seeing her as the young wide eyed and so full of energy. Maya sat down at the desk in her quarters and a holo display brought up pictures of people long gone, to other parts of the multiverse, home or sadly no longer living. She looked from image to image as she did. She also looked at picture of herself from just after she arrived.

She hadn't aged a day an weight of what she'd also lost in claiming the creator's gift or at least had not seemed to and she wondered what else had she lost? There was nothing she could do about it. There was no way she could pull Yunomi back from the hear after. She wouldn't try past a certain point she understood the cycle but it didn't make it any easier for the Junker. She had to accept it but Yunomi's work was undone. That would have to be changed, and her killer would have to be brought to justice in the end.

The rage of her youth had been tempered she knew if she gave in Yunomi's killer would still win, and had she given in about Doskais? Her world would have died but it was time to act time to deal with her loss and ensure her friend had legacy worth having and in the end? Yunomi's people had gained another who'd do her best to watch over them even if they never realized the truth and that was enough for Maya.

She turned off the projector rose from her desk to head out Rhapsody needed help still. Yunomi's people needed help still. There were friends she's have to try to reign in but for now? She had to head to Ravnica to get ready.