Lost (Kongou)

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Lost (Kongou)
Date of Cutscene: 15 April 2015
Location: Hikari Seaport
Synopsis: Akizuki ruminates on the sinking of her Abyssal friend, the I-class destroyer Icchan
Cast of Characters: 637

Hikari Seaport, ~2100 hours


That's the question that resounds through Akizuki's mind over and over, while she replays the events of the sea lane ambush in her memory.

Played back in her memory in glorious 8mm monochrome, a black-hulled Abyssal warship coming up alongside her Ocean fit-out, its weapons not exposed. Playful rolling and noises that were unmistakably happy. A bond enabled by Boston's agreed-upon neutrality. An enemy that obtained the nickname Icchan, playing beside her in the middle of a battle between the Fleet and the Abyss.

The Abyssal's hesitation. Turning and dashing into the path of a Ka's torpedo. The oil and seawater splashing Akizuki's face, cold and hot all at once. Her attempts to keep the gutted enemy warship afloat. Her failure. Powerless. Static fills the image in her mind as tears fill her eyes all over again.

The I-class destroyer, identified as Icchan, had deliberately intercepted an Abyssal submarine's torpedo, broken apart, and sank. What was under any other context an enemy had sacrificed itself to save her. Akizuki's eyes sting as she recalls those words she heard as the smoldering hull slipped beneath the waves.

..Free.. ..I'm..Free.. ..Don't cry...

The Fleet Daughter's arms tighten around her knees, hugging her legs to her chest and staring out over the sea from the end of the Hikari Seaport runway. Her last request was that Akizuki not cry...

"... I'm sorry, Icchan..." Akizuki whispers, leaning her face forward and ignoring the tears running down her cheeks and onto her legs, "...If no one cries when you're gone, than no one remembers you..."

Shoulders shaking, she chokes out, "...I'll cry...for you... Icchan."