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Mantles are accessed by using the command ">armory/mantle 00/##", where ## is the mantle code listed below. To return to your own mantle, use ">armory/load 00".

Name: Goopies
Mantle: 00
Theme: A Generic Goon Swarm
Weight: Zero
Description: Goopies are a very basic, 'this will lose quickly' option that is completely straightforward. All of the features of this build are automatic: Toxicity will increase offense against people who dump drive, Prep Time will allow early defense, and Encounter III will make the fight end rapidly once people work through the Prep Time stacks.

Name: Gears
Mantle: 01
Theme: "Tough" Goons
Weight: Zero
Description: 'Tough' Toku Goons, Gears are a very basic mantle which should absorb low-yield attacks like 1's and 2's with some reliability, while allowing powerful characters to crack through that defense for meaty numbers. Guard Stance, Prep Time, and Impervious are all passive defenses - and Immovable makes sure you're Always Guarding. Encounter II means the build will, once cracked, lose at a good pace.

Name: Podmen
Mantle: 02
Theme: "Elite" Goons
Weight: Zero
Description: 'Elite' Toku Goons, Podmen are here for one reason only: To hit people. Deep Reserves and Badass Normal will give you lots of Drive to play with, and you won't have to think about Hype at all, while Inerrable and Keen Eye III give plenty of ability to hit for some reasonable damage. Encounter II means the build's mediocre defenses will get cleaned up by most characters at a good clip.

Name: Red One
Mantle: 03
Theme: A Hero's Last Stand
Weight: Light
Description: Approaching without three fourths their HP, Red One is here to show the world that the bottom quarter of their hit points are just as good as the top 3/4ths. With Last Word and Last Chance their last moments will leave a lasting impression! Encounter I means HP will be depleted at a good pace, and EX Action spent in the last quarter will definitely make a mark. Aspirant archetype's build-up functions means that Red One's plan is to create the ultimate last moments.

Name: Command Horn
Mantle: 04
Theme: No Zaku, Boy
Weight: Light
Description: A cut above the chaff, Command Horn is here to do one thing: Numbers. Hero archetype provides drive and plenty of offensive options for your attack levels, while the rest of the build 'just works'. Boosts to Power and Precision and Combo Multiplier will mean your attacks are potent, and Combo Multiplier means your ending will be more threatening than your beginning, but low defenses and Encounter I mean this fight will clean up quick.

Name: Awesome Costume
Mantle: 05
Theme: A Memorable Amount Of Suffering
Weight: Light
Description: Awesome Costume, the classic 'way too cool a design to not be a major character yet here they are', is here to do one thing: Mess with people. Tilted towards Precision with Keen Eye III and respectable native score, Awesome Costume reminds people that status effects and debuffs exist, and uses Anathema signature to get in for respectable flat damage. Encounter I means this'll wrap up eventually, though, but until then, everyone can appreciate how Awesome Costume rolls.

We recommend keeping the Archetypes page open for this one: each attack option carries a different nasty effect, but of them, Forcefuls are good to cause damage, Consistents are good to control Drive, Efficients are good to cut up tanks with, and Dramatics are useful against people trying to buff up to counter you or build Hype. Remember that Anathema exists on this one, and hammer that >sig while attacking people!

Name: Spider-Thing
Mantle: 06
Theme: Versatile Offense
Weight: Medium
Description: Spider-Thing is an offense-focused build with Arsenal to engage with Pushes in a dynamic way. With Just that Good and Prep Time, you'll start with plenty of Hype to open up with, and have some nice defenses early on! This build wants to improve their actions via use of hype, and can inflict lots of nasty status effects. Arsenal archetype loves lots of use of Balance, Attack, and Defense pushes, and it's recommended to spend on things like Venom, Burn, Buff, Debuff, Tear, and Jolt rather than Finishing Blow or Ultimate Attack -- save those for a showstopper ending!

Arsenal archetype expects you to do at least one push before every attack and defense, so generous use of the noble Balance I will keep this buff up if you have no other ideas.

Name: Cobra Commando
Mantle: 07
Theme: Withering Offense
Weight: Medium
Description: Cobra Commando is a building poison, using the Overcharged archetype to build up over time into a lethal dose of Anathema damage and Fade-boosted pain. Overcharged builds in potency every time Cobra finishes an attack AND defense, providing a clear escalation of phases culminating in a recharge of Anathema charges and a big injection of Hype. Star Power will improve everything you do, so focus on picking good types of attacks and defenses to maximize the value. And remember: Anathema is an active signature, so smash that >sig!

Name: Batperson
Mantle: 08
Theme: Swooping Maneuvers
Weight: Medium
Description: Batperson is a defensive evasion build that uses a combination of high Mitigation with Impervious to try to convert low-damage attacks into 'more misses'. This flighty build will need its Solid Plate III's armor clipped, and its Prep Time stacks worked through, so the Impervious stops being as effective and Encounter I wraps things up. Untouchable means you're always Maneuvering -- so turning defensive advantage into offense, or using Guards early to extend the time before this Bat's wings are clipped, is ideal.

Name: Rival Karate Bugman
Mantle: 09
Theme: Primary Riders Beware!
Weight: Medium
Description: Watch out for this one, as the Rival Karate Bugman is a cut above. A chunky Survivor with a full set of quirks, the RKB's Combat Suit and Shield Buffer will buy time for his lethal Killer Move to build up charge! Ready to take hits and punish with Bolster and Focus defenses granting their bonuses plus Drive, Efficient 4 attacks become very convincing and powerful option for leveraging Maximized Strikes. Of course, save some drive for firing that big juicy finisher!

Killer Move can be activated with >sig to charge up early, so if you need to go faster, smash that greeble and go!

Name: Dark Magical Girl
Mantle: 10
Theme: Friendship is Firepower!
Weight: Medium
Description: A special build with extra sparkles, the Dark Magical Girl is perfect as a partner for a Co-GM or to cause problems on purpose, with some different tricks than usual. With a Combat Suit and Shield Buffer providing layers of defense, the DMG wants to make some big Maximized Strikes with superior resource generation. Icon provides a hefty bonus to each defense type, and Rallies will provide even more drive.

The signature, Authority, has three modes - Tactics to gain Hype, Assault to gain Drive, and Aid to gain health. Generally, the DMG will like to be in Assault Authority to gain lots of Drive to power multiple 4/Efficent attacks across a fight.

Icon has access to the >support <name> command, which will grant a specific part of your archetype's benefits to another, a large pile of resource gain! Additionally, the Authority signature can be activated with >sig <target>/<Resource> (the resources are HP, Hype, and Drive) to donate resources to someone you're helping as well. They'll have to >confirm <your name> to accept.

Name: Goldy
Mantle: 11
Theme: The Dragon
Weight: Heavy
Description: Goldy is here to rep the Dragon title, with a chunky and powerful build. Defensively, high Endurance and Failsafe reduces the ability for powerful attacks to cause critical amounts of damage, while Splatterhouse ensures that Goldy has plenty of time to play the game. On the offense Walking Fire should walk a few attacks back into play that Goldy's otherwise merely average Precision would foul up.

Name: Excessive Healthbars
Mantle: 12
Theme: The Distressing Sound Of Numbers Going Back Up
Weight: Heavy
Description: A horrifying pursuit villain, Excessive Healthbars' plan is to press buttons until the other side falls over and dies after running out of steam and survival horror resources. As an Immortal with Splatterhouse, Bloodthirsty and Shield Buffer, numbers will continue to go up and down with shocking regularity!

Name: Wicked Witch
Mantle: 13
Theme: Making Numbers Grow!
Weight: Heavy
Description: A terrifying character whether solo or tag-teaming, Wicked Witch uses the Panacea archetype to embiggen her >Support target's health bar -- and use healing effects constantly to maintain their health. Personally, the simplicity of Panacea means that this balanced build should focus on picking smart offense and defense options as-needed.

Panacea heals on the first 5/Dramatic you use - so make sure you'll get the full benefit!

The signature, Authority, has three modes - Tactics to gain Hype, Assault to gain Drive, and Aid to gain health. Generally all the choices are good, with Tactics Authority's hype gain the most direct power, as the Witch's main offense options are in Pushes.

Name: Lord Zet
Mantle: 14
Theme: Unlimited Power
Weight: Heavy
Description: Lord Zet is the big bad "mighty armored sorcerer" type with lots of blasting power to spare. Defensively, Multi-Stage Defense and Prep Time will require a concerted offense to crack early, and Mighty Blows III improves the already notable Power of this boss. Destroyer archetype means that every attack option is equally punishing, so choosing the right tool for the job will increase Zet's might even more! Still, you can't go wrong with cheap Efficients and hype-generating Dramatics.

Name: Stage Select
Mantle: 15
Theme: Sidescroller Stage
Weight: Medium
Description: Stage Select is the classic sidescroller stage filled with platforming, traps, and minor enemies. It is a reactive mantle, using high END, and Failsafe to stop it from getting blown out. Walking Fire and Just That Good serve to help it land hits and give it a general boost respectively. It has good POW and mid-high PRE, which work in conjunction with the Joust Prime Quirk -- which increases PRE whenever it receive a Solid or Critical hit -- to produce deceptively strong damage output.