Marks A New Beginning (Alruna Greengate)

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Marks A New Beginning (Alruna Greengate)
Date of Cutscene: 28 December 2019
Location: Eorzea
Synopsis: A Warrior of Light rejoins the party.
Cast of Characters: Alruna Greengate

On reflection, the first thing she was grateful for once she was unceremoniously disgorged from that pillar of light back into the waking world somewhere in the southern regions of the Twelveswood, was that no-one saw her dry-heaving, trying to void an already-empty stomach next to the stone bearing the Mark of Althyk. That would definitely not be going in any ballad.

The next thing... was the silence. The world almost felt devoid of sound, compared to the hellish battlefield she'd just stepped from. One moment, she had been staring down the king of dragons, watching the oncoming light growing in his mouth and knowing it was annihilation. Next... Louisoix had done something, cast some bafflingly clever and powerful spell, no doubt, and they all began disappearing one by one. It felt like a teleportation spell, as it took her. But where were the others now?

She grappled with the question as she walked, eventually climbing up to a high outcropping to survey where in the hells she was. A fleeting smile touched her lips as she looked out over the land. The world was changed; she felt it in the water, she felt it in the earth... she smelled it in the air. The suffocating shroud of doom that had hung overhead for weeks was gone. Eorzea felt reborn.

After getting her bearings, she set off south to find out what had become of the battle, of the Archons and her comrades and everything else that had transpired in the eight years, she discovered, since the Battle of Carteneau. Many rude shocks awaited her, not least of which being everyone's lack of memory of her. It was hard to say if she felt more hurt or insulted by the blank looks when she tried to explain who she actually was. Finally she had given up and resigned herself to having to make a name for herself once more. Fine. She did it once, she could do it again!

"Lass... hey! Lass! Ye with me?" the burly Guildmaster poked her in the shoulder, bringing her back to the present in Revenant's Toll. The Roegadyn frowned. "Are ye sure ye can handle this? Bad enough with all these outlanders around, I don't want to send no daydreamer to the Sons o' Saint Coinach, no matter how well she looks like she can handle herself. They're expecting a mighty bad monster problem when they crack open that..."

She frowned, pinning him with her best steely gaze to the sturdy double doors behind him. To her mild satisfaction, he broke first.

"All right, all right, didn't mean nothing by it, girl. Just doing my job. So what name should I tell 'em to expect?"

She let the frown ease, and smiled slightly again. "Alruna." She turned to look at the glinting blue spires of the Crystal Tower in the distance.

"Alruna Greengate."