Morning Contemplation (Athela Valemore)

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Morning Contemplation (Athela Valemore)
Date of Cutscene: 30 May 2016
Location: Bayern Region
Synopsis: Thoughts shared between a knight and her Patron.
Cast of Characters: Athela Valemore

       A bit of smokey steam hissed from the remains of the campire as they were extinguished. First by her Goomy spitting slimey water on it, then Eevee kicking some sand on the remains. The cool sand would keep any dying embers from catching enough heat from the sun to ignite again. Timburr was finishing cutting down his new log to size, assisted by Samurott allowing him to use his helmet-blade to shave the bark from the remaining side and square it off. A fitting end to their stay, as it had been the first cuttings they had used to kindle the campfire initially.
       Athela on the other hand stood, enjoying an early morning breeze as she stared off into the distance. The town was not far off from the woods they had camped near, she could still see the thatched rooftops of a few buildings from here. The farmers would be returning to their lands, using their Digletts and Drilburs to repair the fields and replant what crops they could. Tauros and Ponyta would pull carts to haul away the wreckage of the Pokemon constructs cleared from the land. Likely to be dumped in a ravine and buried so they could not be reanimated to terrorize again. She had offered to help remoisten the ground. Samurott and herself could generate water, Goomy knew Rain Dance. But the farmers had turned her down. Saddening, but she did not hold it against them.
       Dragoni already lived constantly beneath the shadow of Yveltal. Athela did not blame them for not wanting to debt themselves any farther to another, more obscure diety. They preferred to work to rebuild their lives for themselves, and Keldeo respected that. The spirit of man and pokemon would persist and grow as anew as the future crops. All the same she had camped nearby this and the night before, just to be sure the cultists did not return.
       You did the right thing, young knight. Done my name well even if they care not to admire it.
       Reflexively Athela tensed slightly at the voice, even if she knew there was no-one here and Keldeo just spoke to her from whatever ethereal place the Legendaries avoided mortal eyes in. Eevee perked up from her shoulder, but was accustomed to her trainer speaking to 'no one' visible when conversing with their patron. "Thank you," she replied softly. "The Count and his soldiers hunt the Hollowed with regularity. But the people do not deserve to suffer the zealots' wrath for his actions."
       Agreed. We defend all from the Hollow Curse and it's agents, respected or not. The presence seemed to pause a moment. Is there something else on your mind, Dame?
       "Our new allies are a definate boon to our effort." Athela tilted her head back, looking at the sky, and the things that she's already learned that lie 'out there'. "But I cannot help but feel concern that eventually, the spawn on that fallen titan will seek retribution upon them for assisting us as well." Reflexively one hand tightened around the hilt of the Resolute Blade at her side. "That man was willing to -kill himself- to try and stop us. Despairing, even from a zealot." She did not want to think what that could of done had they been in the populated town.
       If such a time comes, we will stand at their sides as they have chosen to stand at ours. Be well and fight bravely, my knight. With that Keldeo's presence departed, leaving the faint waif of salty sea breeze in the wake even with how far inland they were.
       "We do so in your name, Sword of the Tides." Idly Athela reached up to scratch the fuzzy fox-mon under the chin. "As the Curse tries to spread, we will cut it down before others must suffer it's emptiness. Be it here or beyond Bayern's shores." Turning on one heel, she walked back to where her other pokemon were tidying up the campsite. "The 'warp gate' as it is called is not far. We should be on our way."