Moving Waters (Gaius Van Baelsar)

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Moving Waters (Gaius Van Baelsar)
Date of Cutscene: 19 September 2014
Location: Dreadnought, Bridge
Synopsis: The XIVth Legion has been monitoring aetheric patterns beyond their own world. They not only get the data back, but also possibly something that could become a even greater problem.
Cast of Characters: 522

The Dreadnought, Bridge...

The dark armored figure stands near the main window at the Bridge of the mighty airship known as the Dreadnought. His arms are crossed over his chest as he stares out over the Great Ocean loop between not only Hydaelyn but also the main lands of the Multiverse.

This figure is none other then the Imperial Legatus, Gaius Van Baelsar and his attention is broke from his thoughts as one of his men walk up toward him. "My lord," He is address as the soldier quickly snaps him a salute. "We have received a report back from scout teams researching into the aetheric pattern."

Gaius Van Baelsar turns around to look upon the armored figure, "Go on."

"Yes, My Lord." The soldier then takes the sheet of paper he had rolled in his hands with printed text of some kind on it. It looks less like a written note and one more ran off a printer. "It would seem by all scout reports that the aetheric energy is indeed moving out into the near by land structures beyond our own world. Though the aetheric flow is quiet more shallow them that found in our world."

The soldier only looks up faintly to just seem the looming silent figure of the Imperial Legatus looking at him. He then shifts his weight slightly before he continues trying to keep his nerves calm. "A team.. also has found that the Serpent Reavers are moving out into the ocean and heading into the Great Ocean. It is-- possible from what scanners have been able to pick up that.. an Eikon may be on the move.."

The Soldier then lowers his hand with the sheet of paper. "This may be out of fear or preparation due to what has happened with the Eikon known as Ifrit." There was a long moment of silence as he notices that Gaius has nothing to say, which makes him even more concerned to be the one to bring such news, "Should I send them back any, um, orders, My Lord?"

Gaius continues to stare down at the soldier, before he turns away to look back out toward the great ocean expanse. "For now we hold our hand. Have them continue to monitor the activity. Let us see how long this Eikon believes he can survive beyond the waters of Hydaelyn."

"Yes, My Lord." The soldier gives another salute. "I will inform this at once."

"You are dismissed." The Imperial Legatus says calmly as he goes to then place his hands behind the small of his back. " to see how long it takes the Eorzeans to realize the problem at hand.."