Mu - Prologue

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Mu - Prologue
Date of Cutscene: 29 July 2014
Location: Avatar World - Beifong estate
Synopsis: Desperate situations require desperate measures.
Cast of Characters: 20
Tinyplot: Mu

The sharp sound echoes throughout the dim room and nearby hallways as the tea cup crashes into the floor, breaking the evening silence as it shatters into a myriad of uneven pieces.

For now Lao Beifong holds his breath, staring with wide eyes filled with worry at the slumped form in front of him, lying facedown on the table even as the spilled contents from the tea spread across the floor. After a few seconds he dares to move, hurrying up from his seat at the other side of the long table and over to his daughter. One shaky hand reaches out and grabs her by the shoulder, shaking her slightly.


There is no response.

But he is able to confirm that she is breathing steadily, and when he props her small frame up in the chair, her eyes are closed. There is lingering doubt and worry, even when a monotone voice speaks up, startling the man as his head jerks up. Though he slowly lets out a breath he didn't realize he was holding.

"Do not worry. She will awaken."

"Will she remember...?" Lao asks, swallowing nervously as he brushes some hair away from Toph's face.

"Yes, although she will most likely not understand. For now she will remain and do as you wish. Is that not what you wanted?" There is almost an inquisitive tone to the voice as it draws closer. Yet it doesn't quite reach, instead it merely sounds slightly lethargic. The patriarch nods once, determination set on his face. What's done is done. "Yes. This is for the better. She is still a child, she doesn't understand," he sighs, worry in his eyes as he studies the girl in question. This is the right course of action, the way it has to be. Nobody can tell him otherwise.

Even as he takes her smaller hands in his, Lao can't help but look concerned up at the shadow that falls over the chair and its inhabitant. Not to mention the spindly fingers that come from behind the chair, moving to cup her face and tilt it back. The monotone voice speaks again.

"You chose wisely."