Neva's Christmas Wish (Neva Fernandez)

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Neva's Christmas Wish (Neva Fernandez)
Date of Cutscene: 15 December 2014
Location: Ravnica
Cast of Characters: 644

Over in the Izzet Quarter of Rhapsody's Ravnica, Neva Fernandez is sitting at a table with a pen put to paper, and taking her time to write out her thoughts in a letter to someone...

'Dear Santa,

I honestly can't believe I'm writing a letter to Santa Claus for the first time since I was seven. I guess that's a little early to stop believing in Kris Kringle, but all you want for Christmas is for your mom and dad to see you perform at your second grade school play, it becomes easier to stop believing when nobody shows up.

I don't even know why I'm sending you this letter, it'll probably just get sent to that part of the post office that all the Santa letters go to... Still, I guess if I'm going to sent a letter to someone who doesn't exist, I may as well ask for something that's impossible for me to do...

I ran away from home a few months ago... More accurately I learned I could travel across Planes and can use card game to make magic happen, and just never went back My parents were fighting when I left, and they're probably blaming each other for the fact that I disappeared on them... Whatever the case, I'm don't know if I can go home now. I guess I'm too scared to see whether or not they actually cared...

Santa, if you're real... If you actually pick up this letter and won't disappoint me this time, all I want right now is for my mom and dad to know that I'm okay, and that I love them...

And maybe a thermos full of my Mom's Eggnog. I miss that too...

Thanks for reading, I guess.

- Neva Fernandez'

There's a pause as Neva finishes writing, as she looks the letter over and eventually slips the letter into an envelop. After a moment of stretching her legs, she make her way over to the local mailbox, accompanied by Bob, her Blistercoil weird, takes a breath before slipping the envelop into the flap of the mailbox. The Deckmaster finds herself hesitating now that she's actually got the letter ready to send, all she had to do was release it. She just kept holding onto the letter for a few moments, before pulling it out again and crumpling the letter up. "This is stupid... Santa's not real." With that, she tosses the crumpled letter to the ground and storms off. "Can't believe I almost bought into that..."

The Blistercoil Weird doesn't immediately follow Neva, even though it probably should, given that the girl had summoned it. It just stood their quietly for a moment, glancing down at the crumpled up latter, before stooping down to pick it up in its globby hands. The Bob uncrumples it as best it could, before sliding it into the mailbox.

After that, the Bob the Blistercoil Weird just turns and saunters off, with its Master never knowing what it had done.