News Report: Fire in Alberichstadt! (Janine)

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News Report: Fire in Alberichstadt! (Janine)
Date of Cutscene: 03 April 2016
Location: Alberichstadt
Synopsis: A news report on a mysterious fire in Alberichstadt
Thanks to: To Lezard for being an absolute monster in the best way!
Cast of Characters: Janine Liberi, Lezard Valeth

A certain event in Alberichstadt makes news all across Europe, coming up on television and in newspapers both.


A fire broke out at an apartment block in Alberichstadt, Germany late last night. The flames were mostly confined to a single apartment, occupied by Janine Liberi, a student at the prestigious Drachenblatt Academy as well as her nanny, Matilda Lambda.

According to emergency services, Miss Liberi was found in a critical condition, while Miss Lambda was declared dead on-scene. Both had sustained injuries from the flames and showed signs of smoke inhalation, but Miss Lambda was killed by decapitation, while Miss Liberi was covered in puncture wounds, and bore a deep cut down the front of her torso.

Furthermore, those who lived in the apartment reported the sound of an explosion, as well as shouting from the apartment. Miss Liberi, a former national fencing champion, was found with a sabre next to her. The amount of fire damage would also indicate that some kind of accelerant was used to produce hotter, more resilient flames.

As a result of all these factors, police are treating the fire as suspicious. As Alberichstadt is home to Drachenblatt Academy, a private school noted for having a large pool of international students, the school and town has become a hotbed of multiculturalism, with inter-cultural conflict arising as a result. As such, one theory is that this fire was caused by a German nationalist.

Another theory related to Miss Liberi's father Alessando Liberi, current CEO of Privilegio, an international producer of sweets. Some think that the attack may be an attack on him for unknown reasons.

Police are waiting to question Miss Liberi, who is recovering at Alberichstadt Hospital.