Of Badgers and Dragons (Genghis Rex)

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Of Badgers and Dragons (Genghis Rex)
Date of Cutscene: 09 November 2014
Location: Tarpits III (The Laboratory)
Synopsis: Genghis Rex goes to Styraco's lab to check up on a few projects.
Cast of Characters: 114

Genghis Rex stepped into the dark laboratory shared by Styraco and Plesio at the heart of Tarpits III. His quick footsteps and thrashing tail betrayed an unusual level of impatience, not that he was ever the most patient Tyrannosaur to begin with.

Plesio was out doing maintenance on Tarpits III, but Styraco was present, having lost himself in some sort of twisted genetic research no doubt. Rex did not acknowledge him. Instead he strode over to the containment chamber that housed the latest, and most successful, of Styraco and Tesla's beast creation collaboration.

The containment field made the creature difficult to make out. Large and plump and covered in thick white fur from head to tail, with streaks of red here and there, all of which was tinted by the greenish embryonic fluid the beast was submerged in. Huge metallic claws clacked against the glass wall of the container as the creature shifted. For a moment, the wall of green hued white was broken up by a single pink eye opening and staring at the Tyranno commander, then closing.

'Fat, and hairy ... I can barely make out what I am looking at.' Rex thought to himself as the creature squirmed in the chamber. Then he noticed several snake like appendages rising from what he presumed was the creature's back.

"Heh, Tentacles, Styraco? I'm not going to let you watch any more of that anime stuff if you're going to start affixing them to all your creations!" Rex chided then turned and walked up behind his science officer.

"Tendrils" Styraco corrected without looking at Rex, "Tentacles have suckers. And how do you know I watch anime? Got a little voyeur thing of your own going on?"

Rex blinked, taken slightly aback, "Ermm, ummm, Your business is my business. I am your commander afterall!"

Styraco turned a disapproving eye to his commander.

Quickly changing the subject, Rex stammered, "What about the Dragon Egg?"

"Viable" Styraco said sharply, "But we know very little about this species. I am not confident in our ability to raise or control it without genetic manipulation and I'm kinda of in the middle of a relatively major project at the moment." He gestured to the Badgermole chamber.

Rex arched an eye ridge, "Can we suspend the egg until we have time to research it."

Styraco nodded, "We can put it on ice. However ... Plesio has some other ideas regarding the future of this Dragon."

Rex cocked his head, "Plesio? What's Plesio have to do with this. You're the one who likes messing with monsters."

Styraco smiled a bit, "Well, I didn't say I wasn't involved, but I must give credit where credit is due ..."

"Go on." Rex prodded.

Styraco rubbed a finger across the tyranno badge on his breast, "Plesio has completely reverse engineered the Dinovolving process thanks to you capturing the Dinovolvers from the Dinosaucers all those years ago. As you know, Plesio has a very difficult time leaving well enough alone and has been seeking a way to improve upon the Dinosaucer design."

Rex blinked, "Improve upon it? Improve upon it how?"

Styraco waved his pudgy claw toward the large Dragon Egg across from him, "If we break down this beast's genetic code into something readable by the dinovolvers, we would no longer be reliant upon our own DNA to transform. We could turn into other things, things that compliment our own biological makeup."

Rex's jaw dropped in astonishment, "You don't mean ..."

Styraco nodded his frilled head stiffly, "I call it ... Dracovolving."