Of Death... and of Birth (Quote)

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Of Death... and of Birth (Quote)
Date of Cutscene: 01 September 2014
Location: Egg Chamber - Flying Island
Synopsis: After defeating Igor and rescuing Sue, our adventurers find things aren't exactly as they'd expected.
Cast of Characters:
Tinyplot: Cave Story

There's no good way to deal with the monstrous threat of Igor. Even crippled by attacks, he's still a menace. Controlled as he is, a deathblow may well be a thing of mercy. It's uncertain what finally ends the monstrous Mimiga's life. It could be Staren's lightning fist, Roll's arc thrower, Inga's blood spears, or Marrik's life drain. Either way, the great beast shudders, twitches, and slowly goes still.

Upon falling, a transformation overcomes the creature. No sooner does it go still than the body begins to shudder and shrink. Within seconds, the monster is replaced by the limp form of a Mimiga. The figure, a white rabbit-being wearing a tie and partially-shredded pants, looks more pathetic than terrible now. The damage inflicted by the many attacks is still present, but diminished. The corpse is somehow almost peaceful now, though no less dead even if there's no obvious sign what wound if any was responsible for the kill.

Within chamber 00, a different confrontation is going on. Sue, healed somewhat from her injuries, regards the women who have come to rescue her. "Of course I'm a human!" the Mimiga girl claims indignantly. Then, no doubt following the gaze of her rescuers, she looks down at herself and flushes in embarrassment. "Well I WAS anyways. Not my fault I got changed into a Mimiga!" she splutters.

"I ..." she pauses, looking around, glowering. "I hate this place. I hate everyone on this stupid island!" she says sullenly. It sounds like the grumbling of a 12 year old. Not literal hatred, just immaturity and resentment. "That's why I was here." she says, looking up at the massive dragon egg. "I can hatch it, and get out of here."

She seems to realize just where she is, and looks over to the nearby control terminal. Brightening up, she scurries over and begins tapping away at computer keys. Disappointment sets in though. "It needs a password to begin hatching." she mutters. "If my brother was here, I bet he could get it working. Right, I guess I'll have to find my brother Kazuma. I suppose I can let you help?" she says, uncertainty making that not quite a statement.

Either way, there's not much that can be done from here. It's time to return to Mimiga Village, to see if anyone knows anything about Kazuma or the other Sakamotos. Perhaps soon, the hunt can begin for them and they can begin to worry about getting off the island. One thing's for sure however. Even if she says she hates everyone, Sue has no intention of fleeing the island without her family. Not yet, at least.