Ominous Meetings (Project C)

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Ominous Meetings (Project C)
Date of Cutscene: 10 July 2015
Location: ???
Synopsis: Master Therion and Lahabrea meet.
Cast of Characters: 815, 274
Tinyplot: Project C


In a dark corner of Eorzea, through crypts and tunnels unlit for ages...

"You claim this 'Magitek' device will help me?" questions the imposing form of Master Therion, standing half-lit within a small circle of light. Across from him, equally half-lit, is a man in dark robes, metallic clawed gloves extended to offer a round, black device with red lights across it.

"Despite their downfall, those of ancient Allag excelled at one thing, and that is containing great beings and using them for power. Even the great Primal Bahamut was naught but a toy for them, so inconsequential he was not worth killing, when he could instead power their machinery for eons." A smile spreads on the masked man's face, his lower face the only thing visible due to the hood and red mask.

"I need more than power. It must have the right... purity."

"Do not worry. That Voidsent specializes in opening gateways to the Void and letting its ilk and kin through. It will serve you beyond the shadow of a doubt."

"And you would offer without payment, Lahabrea?" The man's voice is not exactly suspicious, though perhaps it could be heard that way. Another interpretation is amused, as if the idea that there could be a catch excites him.

"Allow me to watch. That will be payment enough."

As Master Therion reaches to seize the Magitek orb, it clicks and hums softly, its color scheme changing from red to green, as if acknowledging its new owner. The masked man's smile only widens.

"You will need but strike when the beast is weakened. I should warn, of course, that were the device damaged once it is contained, it may break free, and it will not be happy."

"Then I would strike it down again and teach it its place."

"This concludes our business then. I will be in touch."

Purple magic ripples around and behind the man, and he takes a step back, disappearing into the portal-like opening. Shortly after, it closes, leaving Master Therion alone in the ruins.