Out of the Silent Planet

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Out of the Silent Planet (Plotsys ID: 10)
A strange signal appears to originate from the long-dead world of Cybertron. However, the Swarm, a massive horde of ravenously hungry, failed Insecticon experiments, stands in the way of those who would seek answers.
Base Info
TP Scale: Major
TP Runner(s): Blurr
Attached Theme: Transformers-2
Other Contacts:
Target Audience: Anyone
Genre & Tone: Sci-Fi

Events So Far

See the Logs section.

Other Information

Cybertron is a dead world, for the most part. Ever since Vector Sigmas spark-igniting pulsewaves came to a grinding halt, and the war tore its thriving civilization apart, it has been lifeless and desolate, a husk of what it once was. Where its city-states once stood, only ruins remain. Additionally, when the Decepticons created the Insecticons, only three were considered successful. The rest, the failures, were set loose upon the ruined landscape. Starved of energy on a resource-depleted planet, these mindless savages exist for a single purpose: to devour all who happen to cross paths with them. This horde of brutes was dubbed the Swarm, and they are the only living things currently inhabiting the planet.

So when a strange yet powerful signal is detected by Autobot probes, suspicions are raised as to what could possibly be generating something that strong on a virtually dead world. Could Cybertron possibly be coming back to life? Or is something else more sinister at work here?


Title Date Scene Summary
Report on the Swarm September 29th, 2014 There's a mysterious signal coming from a dead Cybertron, and the Swarm has been displaying some strange behavior recently. Who or what could be behind it all?
Out of the Silent Planet 1 October 6th, 2014 The Swarm just keeps getting weirder and weirder...what's going on here? Is someone else pulling the strings?


Title Date Scene Summary
No logs submitted yet.


  • Individual members of the Swarm can be captured study or even domesticated, if separated from the others and taken off-planet. Let me know if you're interested in adopting a giant, mechanical, adorable, yet ugly-as-slag Insecticon pet. Once trained, it will be very loyal to its master, and has other abilities--if interested please contact for details.
  • If you'd like to explore the ruins of Cybertron for the sake of reverse-engineering salvaged Cybertronian tech for your own purposes, or just want to go exploring on your own for whatever other reason, let me know! Additionally, if you're interested in this but can't make it to a scheduled scene, again let me know and I will try to accommodate you as best I can.
  • Content warning: While this is open to anyone, please aware that it's probably going to be quite violent and possibly gory, depending on what your definition of gory is.
  • Cybertron doesn't have an atmosphere that is breathe-able by humans. However I am not going to let that force me to turn people away. That being said it makes my job a bit easier if your character can bring some kind of protection or gear, whether it's tech, magic, or otherwise, to compensate for this. If it's not ICly possible that's okay, I'll come up with something or someone else will :)
  • Radio: 198.4