PMMM Rebellion - Portents 2

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PMMM Rebellion - Portents 2
Date of Cutscene: 03 November 2013
Synopsis: Kyubey makes everything worse.
Cast of Characters: 2
Tinyplot: PMMM Rebellion


Contrasting the dark night sky, two brilliant white figures stand on the outskirt of the city. One so tall, the other, cat-like, has to be standing on a roof to converse with it face to face. Beady red eyes stare into the featureless white face of the massive man, form warped by colorful small squares, like three dimensional static or JPG artifacts.

"When you think about it, isn't it odd? Have you never questioned it?" :3


"You have destroyed fifteen of my bodies. This planet's customs dictate the least you could do is say something." :3


"Of course, if you were able to talk, we would have established communication a long time ago, wouldn't we? When I first arrived." :3


"If it isn't obvious already, you can't destroy me. Although, it really is bothersome to lose so many bodies in so little time." :3


"Well? Your existences. Have you never questioned them? I guess not. You have heard me out, but you remain mindless. You truly are nothing but despair." :3


"Ah? How curious. Even I can't understand that. Well then. I will leave you with those thoughts. I doubt you will survive long enough to make use of that, my Puella Magi have been dedicated lately." :3


At the same location, the two meet again. The massive man is no different, but there is a flaring red design on his forehead, shaped like a Red Spider Lily, oddly out of place on the otherwise fully white figure draped in white robes. He is grinning, a mad demented slasher smile.


Kyubey is completely silent. But he stares, glowing with curiosity. :3